I Watched This Game: Canucks at Phoenix Coyotes, January 16, 2014

So here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to write today: this was the Canucks’ worst performance this week.

I know, I know. Admittedly, 9-1 is a great deal more devastating than 1-0, but look beyond the final scores for a second and consider: the Canucks weren’t actually all that bad against Anaheim. They got some unfortunate bounces, some poor goaltending, some rough calls, and suddenly the floodgates were opened. That’ll happen. But dammit, at least they were alive. Against the Coyotes, however, on a night when everyone was expecting to see an angry team pushing back, they were as listless as a pre-Buzzfeed Internet. As listless as a perfectly balanced ship. As listless as Europe in the 1890s. Wait, sorry, that’s Liszt-less. My mistake.

Speaking of mistakes, I’d say I made one when I watched this game.

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