Stick in Link: Fear and loathing in California; Paul Devorski, nemesis

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• The good news? The Canucks have no more trips to California this season. “The Ducks have now won all three games against the Canucks this season. Vancouver is now 0-5-2 this season against the Los Angeles Kings and Ducks. If you throw in the San Jose Sharks, the Canucks are 1-7-3 versus all three California teams this season.” [Vancouver Sun]

• Jason Botchford talks officiating, and the terrible, terrible powerplay, after the big blowout in Anaheim. [The Province]

• Here’s the Canucks’ penalty summary from their past two games. It is, as you might imagine, long. [Tumblr]

• Speaking of the officiating, a lot of fans are pretty upset with Paul Devorski today. As you can see by those penalty summaries, the referee really handed it to the Canucks over the past two games, leading to yet another in a long string of cries that he and his colleagues are out to get the Canucks. No one is. But after reffing the LA game, a game that took a great deal of effort on his part to control, you can see how the official might have even less tolerance for the Canucks’ attempt to goon it up versus Anaheim. No doubt he was thinking, Oh jeez, not this again. Knock it freaking off. I’d be willing to accept that it affected his impartiality a little. That’s as far as I’ll go, however. Nobody’s out to get the Canucks, and I’m sure that moment where he was caught calling someone at the Canucks bench a blanking blankhole happens most nights. It just doesn’t happen on TV. Anyway. That’s my opinion. Here’s MAKAVELI’s opinion:

• A lengthy and in-depth recap of the Anaheim game, if you’re into torturing yourself or, say, you’re a secret Ducks fan. [Nucks Misconduct]

• Jordan Bowman’s excellent fake postgame quotes. Paul Devorski: “Yeah, I know I’m the referee, but I played as big a part in dismantling the Canucks as any player on the Ducks. I didn’t think they’d let me get away with calling two 7 minute penalties with 7 minutes left in the game, then I realized… I’m “they”, so I did it. Hahahah” [Legion of Blog]

• And here’s how that game went down on Twitter. As you can imagine, people were unhappy. [Canucks Hockey Blog]

• Prior to the Anaheim game, Kevin Vanstone spoke out about the Canucks and their fans choosing truculence over two points. This seems even more pertinent now. [Flying V Hockey]

• Tom Sestito on his 13-year-old sister going toe to toe with Keith Olbermann over Twitter: ““She’s a feisty one. I was laughing away at it. I thought it was pretty funny.” [Vancouver Sun]

• Canucks Army is hosting a meet-up at The Pint Vancouver on January 29. Tickets are $15 with all proceeds going to charity. We’ll be there. You should go too. [Canucks Army]




  1. KevinZ
    January 16, 2014

    A chance to drink with PitB AND CanucksArmy while watching the game? That sounds awesome!

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  2. ikillchicken
    January 16, 2014

    This whole toughness/officiating narrative needs to be taken out back and shot. As anyone who actually paid attention to the game will know, the first 4 PPGs all came on tripping/holding/interference penalties. And none of them struck me as that egregious. The two concurrent 7 minute penalties that WERE for gooning happened after we were already down 7-1. The game was over. They were pretty meaningless.

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