15 ways the Canucks’ 9-1 loss to the Ducks could have been worse

Let’s face it, the Canucks’ 9-1 loss to the Ducks was absolutely awful and stands as one of the most lopsided defeats in franchise history. But, as bad as it was, it could have been a lot worse.

You might be asking, “How can that be possible?” Well, hypothetical person, you should just be patient and read the rest of this post. You should have figured out from that lede and the title of this post that we here at Pass it to Bulis were about to offer a list of ways the game could have been worse.

Here are 15 things that could have taken the game against the Ducks from awful to worse-than-craisins.

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Stick in Link: Fear and loathing in California; Paul Devorski, nemesis

It’s time for “Stick in Link”, the feature where we just plug in a bunch of stuff written by others! Featuring a smattering of links from around the Smylosphere and beyond every Tuesday and Thursday. Warning: our links are so hyper, they change colour when exposed to heat. (Have something for us to share in the next edition? E-mail us at passittobulis@gmail.com, tweet us @passittobulis, or just come over and write your link on a pad of paper, I guess.)

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I Watched This Game: Canucks at Anaheim Ducks, January 15, 2014

This was an epic disaster. How bad was it? Imagine the movie 2012 as a hockey game. It was like that. A good ensemble cast and a big budget sunk by mind-numbing stupidity.

But here’s the thing — and this won’t be a popular or even understandable opinion — I don’t think the Canucks were that bad in this game. I won’t try to tell you that the Canucks played well, by any means, though there were some good performances hidden in the mire, but the 9-1 score makes the game look a lot worse than it actually was.

The other point of view would be that the 9-1 score is what that game actually was, but that just sounds confusing. Is what it was? That’s just mixing tenses, which doesn’t make any sense. Don’t be daft. I watched this game.

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