Stick in Link: Moral victories, multiple penalties, and Hansen babies

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  • Was the loss to the Kings a statement game or just another loss to a California rival? Vote! [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Canucks out-shot, out-hit, and out-battled the Kings, but they didn’t out-score them. Moral victory? [VanCity Buzz]
  • Kerry Fraser explains why Tom Sestito received a five-minute major for fighting instead of a high-five different penalty. [TSN]
  • Dale Weise will not receive any supplemental discipline for his slew foot on Drew Doughty. [Puck Daddy]
  • Post-game quotes I wish were real: Dan Hamhuis – “I’m just getting these brutal games out of my system now when they only piss off a small fraction of Canada, rather than all of it.” [Legion of Blog]
  • The folks at Nucks Misconduct seem to be pretty okay with the loss because of the Canucks’ physical play, but when we are okay with a loss because of the Canucks’ Fenwick Close we’re “nerds”, “geeks”, and  should “watch the games.” [Nucks Misconduct]
  • I love the name of The Hockey Gamer’s recaps of Canucks games: the Extremely Biased Recap. The recap for last night’s game certainly lives up to its name. [The Hockey Gamer]
  • One person who was definitely a fan of how the Canucks played: Roberto Luongo. [Twitter]


  • Thomas Drance with some interesting analysis of the Canucks’ power play struggles, looking specifically at where they are shooting the puck from compared to previous seasons. [Canucks Army]
  • Why was David Booth missing from Canucks SuperSkills? He was, according to John Tortorella, “banged up.” [The Canuck Way]
  • The Canucks recent undrafted free agent signee, Dane Fox, now has 51 goals in 43 games and is on pace for 81 goals this season, which would tie for the second most in OHL history. One of the players he’s tied with is none other than Canuck great Tony Tanti. He was also childhood friends with Bo Horvat, which you can read about in this interview. [Canucks]
  • Speaking of Hansen and babies, here are the Sedin twins holding the Hansen twins. See, Jannik, that’s how it’s done. [SedinTwins.Tumblr]



  1. Lyg
    January 14, 2014

    Awwww, twin baby hockey players!

    Luongo continues to rule the Twitterverse. That is all.

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  2. Harrison Mooney
    January 14, 2014

    I’m disappointed in you, Daniel. Hansen is known as Beaker, who is a Muppet. There was a Muppet Babies headline joke to be made here, which would have also given the post’s title alliterative qualities. You have failed this blog. THIRTY LASHES.

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  3. shoes
    January 15, 2014

    What disappointed me with Kerry Frasers explanation of the penalties to Sestito was correct and he admits it has happened identically one time before, but he refuses to comment on that previous time, which of course was Marchand on Sedin.

    Notice the difference….in the first instance its a Canucks fault, reverse the roles 180 degrees and its…….still a Canucks fault. :D :D

    Does the NHL control what refs say? Certainly does, including past refs by one of the toughest confidentialty agreements on the planet, no doubt coupled to pensions and dire lawsuits.

    I often wonder if Mr. Kesler was VP of hockey operations and boss of the referees if we would not have a little more joy in mudville.

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    • Daniel Wagner
      January 15, 2014

      I replied to your comment on the other post, but it needs to be repeated. Sestito on Nolan has bugger all to do with Marchand on Daniel. The two incidents aren’t remotely similar.

      As I said previously, you’re remembering the Marchand incident wrong: Marchand did get a penalty and the Canucks did get a power play.

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