Stick in Link: Luongo injured by wrecking ball; Canucks ‘a little banged up’

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• Good news: Roberto Luongo’s ankle injury isn’t as bad as once feared. He should be back in a week or two. [The Canuck Way]

• Mike Gillis on Luongo’s injury and the cause of it: “It’s not a surprise when players run the goalie, the goalie is going to get hurt.” [Vancouver Sun]

• And Darryl Sutter’s response to that: “Well, good for Mike Gillis to say that [...] That goal, [that] shot was on a rebound that came right here. The player was going to the net, shot it into the net, tried to go over Roberto Luongo. That’s wonderful that they would quote that. Quite honest, that’s [expletive]. It is. It’s [expletive]. Don’t get me going on it.” Hello tribalism, my old friend. [LA Kings Insider]

• And Roberto Luongo’s response to the whole thing. [@Strombone1]

• Rob Laurie, the GM of, got his Chris Levesque moment Sunday, and he knew full well the camera was soaking up his nervous gum-chewing. ”I’ve watched those games and wondered what the guy was thinking on the bench. I remember a Canucks game when [Johan] Hedberg got hurt coming out to play the puck and the camera zoomed right in there [on PTO backup Chris Levesque]. But the trainers weren’t on the ice here. Maybe if they were, something crazy was going on.” [The Province]

• John Tortorella’s Canucks stress offence a little more than Alain Vigneault’s did. Is it making them a defensive liability? [24 Hours]

• This really is a crummy time for the Canucks to be, in John Tortorella’s own words, “a little banged up”. I think there are more injuries right now than we know about. [Toronto Sun]

• Wyatt Arndt does some number crunching in advance of the Canucks’ date with the Penguins. “5. That is how many goals Crosby will get if the Canucks try and play Bieksa and Garrison against him.” [Legion of Blog]

• Darren Archibald is in the house, which is weird, since he plays in Utica. Looks like he’s been recalled. [Dan Murphy]

• Are the Canucks headed for another first-round exit? [Fan Attic]

• Finally, the Behind the Lens galleries are always pretty great, and the shots from the Southern California swing are no exception. [Canucks]



  1. Blueliner
    January 7, 2014

    No mention of Hamhuis making Team Canada?

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  2. akidd
    January 7, 2014

    crosby scores 5 against the canucks? that’s a good one. what’s crosby’s total goals ever scored against the canucks? one? not a whole lot if i remember correctly.

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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    • akidd
      January 7, 2014

      okay, so he scored two more….

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  3. Naturalmystic
    January 7, 2014

    Crosby won’t score 5 but the Penguins are going to drive Luongo from the net in the second period. Tonight, Vancouver sees more than 50 sog against. Canucks lose 7-2.

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  4. canucksfan
    January 7, 2014

    That will be challenging since he isn’t even dressing for the game.

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