Watch Harrison’s hockey-themed parody of R. Kelly’s ‘Genius’ with ‘Ex-Head Coach’ [VIDEO]

With a few exceptions — a smouldering Dallas Eakins comes to mind — hockey head coaches typically aren’t all that sexy. But maybe, just maybe, the clichés they spout during press conferences and interviews can be, if the slow jam is just slow enough and possesses just the right amount of jam.

To that end, we present “Ex-Head Coach”, Harrison’s absurd, hockey-themed parody of R. Kelly’s super gross “Genius”. Harrison changed all the lyrics and kept all the gross.

I can never look at Cam Charron’s bedroom the same way. Not that I’ve ever looked at it before or plan on doing so in the future, but still.

While I can’t in good conscience recommend listening to R. Kelly’s “Genius” in order to get a picture of how good this parody actually is, I can recommend watching Benedict Cumberbatch recite the lyrics to “Genius” on Jimmy Kimmel.

This is a hilarious video, of course, with so many good moments, from the reveal of Harrison lying in bed in a full suit to the whiteboard gag. I can’t get over rhyming “enjoy it” with “Detroit” and I’m shuddering at the way he turns “clogging up your neutral zone” into a euphemism. Gross, gross, gross.

Of course, the most unbelievable part of the video is the idea of a black ex-NHL head coach, which is also the saddest part. Get with the times, NHL. We need more head coaches with sweet afros.

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  1. HeHughes376
    January 6, 2014

    Eww.Eww.Eww.Eww.Eww. Can someone please squeegee clean my visual cortex.

    other than that…brilliant job Harrison!

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  2. Wendy
    January 6, 2014

    Wow. I just… ummm… wow.

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  3. Taco
    January 7, 2014

    I only have two things to say.. One, thank god no spandex. And two, couldn’t you have pulled this on out before the snappies or slappies or whatever they are called? Nobody is going to remember this shap next January Harrison.

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