The top 30 Vancouver Canucks goals of 2013 (10 – 01)

You’re not going to believe this, but 8 of the 10 goals that close out this year’s countdown are generated by the Sedins. They are wizards.

We’re spoiled here in Vancouver. Other team blogs could do a countdown like this, but I’m fairly confident that it wouldn’t be anywhere close to as loaded with pretty goals. They’ll have some, no doubt, since the Sedins aren’t the only guys in the league that do pretty things, but I don’t know that anybody does it with the regularity Daniel and Henrik do.

Keep that in mind as you enjoy our final 10. Special players, those two.

10 | David Booth (November 30 vs. Rangers)

It’s always difficult to appreciate the aesthetics of meaningless goals at the tail-end of a blowout, but if you weren’t too busy moping around at the thought of Alain Vigneault’s Rangers handing it to the Canucks, you might have noticed that this is a gorgeous play. Booth starts the play in the neutral zone, feeding Weise at the blue line. There, Weise gives it back to Booth, who leaves it for him. Weise hits Santorelli streaking to the net, and Santorelli kicks the puck forward then hands it to Booth, who drags it across the crease for the score. It’s gorgeous, you guys.

9 | Daniel Sedin (February 12 vs. Red Wings)

One of my favourite Sedin set plays. Henrik dumps the puck into the offensive zone, banking it off the boards and to a streaking Daniel, who pounces on it for a quick scoring chance. They ran the same play against Jimmy Howard last year and were stopped, but this time around, it works perfectly.

8 | Henrik Sedin (March 14 vs. Predators)

Henrik Sedin has never scored a shootout goal. Ever. He’s the Canucks’ leading scorer in the shootout era, and he’s never scored in the shootout. Think about that. Anyway, Henrik’s ineffectiveness in the shootout is probably why nobody expected him to score on this penalty shot. And yet he did. It was mind-blowing.

7 | Daniel Sedin (March 19 vs. Blues)

One of the reasons Henrik’s normally so bad in the shootout? He’s channeled most of his available skill points into passing. Take this incredible feed to Daniel, for example. How in the heck does he know Daniel’s going to be there? When he takes a look. Daniel’s at the blue line. Heck, when he makes the pass, Daniel’s still at the top of the dots. Absurd.

6 | Alex Burrows (March 28 vs. Avalanche)

The Avalanche make several errors on this play, but none more glaring than assuming the play is over once Henrik Sedin takes the swivelling back-pass from Daniel. Silly Colorado. Henrik’s not going to shoot from there. He’s hard-wired to make the extra pass, and he does, hitting Burrows for a tap-in. Beautiful goal.

5 | Daniel Sedin (October 5 vs. Oilers)

Henrik goes full flamingo on this play, lifting his leg so he can complete a swivelling back-pass of his own to Daniel. It’s a great bit of adjusting on the fly from the Canucks’ captain, as he takes Edler’s pass a little behind him and doesn’t have a shot. Fortunately, he didn’t want to shoot anyway. He wanted to twirl.

4 | Daniel Sedin (October 28 vs. Capitals)

Positively wizardous Sedinery right here. Part of me suspects the Capitals got confused about which Sedin had the puck during the exchange at the top of the zone. That’s Henrik, I imagine them thinking. Cover your guys, he’s looking for the open — WAIT WHY IS HE SKATING RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OH NO IT’S DANIEL HE’S GONNA SHOOT NOOOOOO.

3 | Henrik Sedin (February 15 vs. Stars)

Henrik Sedin takes over the franchise scoring lead in truly Henrikian fashion, hitting Alex Burrows with a long, perfectly-weighted pass on a 3-on-2. How does this drifting pass get through to Burrows? Because everybody thinks it’s going to Daniel. Watch on the reverse angle as both the defender and the goaltender flinch, thinking Daniel’s about to catch and release. As they flinch in his direction, they miss a chance to poke it away, and Burrows makes them pay.

2 | Dale Weise (March 19 vs. Blues)

Who’d have thought Dale Weise would score the second-nicest goal of the year? Only Dale Weise. He has Jordan Schroeder to thank for it, as the diminutive Canucks centre bamboozles four Blues with a spinning feed to Weise. But Weise does well here too, dragging the puck across the crease and flipping it home, thereby ensuring that this pass will land on the highlight reels, where it belongs.

1 | Chris Tanev (February 4 vs. Oilers)

The Sedins have made a career out of turning defensive defenceman with no offensive flair to speak of into beautiful goal-scoring machines, and they give Chris Tanev the Swedish makeover here. After Henrik and Daniel play give-and-go along the wall, drawing all Oiler eyes to them, Daniel suddenly hits Tanev, he of zero career goals, streaking through the slot. It’s tough to miss from there and Tanev does not. His career first is also the evening’s last, giving the Canucks the overtime win. It’s our goal of the year.

30 – 21

20 – 11

10 – 1 



  1. J21
    December 30, 2013

    “It’s tough to miss from there”

    Bah, I don’t mean to brag, but I could totally miss from there. (Blows on fingernails).

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    • PaulMackay
      December 30, 2013

      That deserves an LOL too. Some things are beyond like.

      VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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  2. Kevin
    December 30, 2013

    It’s too bad Screaming Mark Lee had the call on #5. I think it would rank higher otherwise.

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  3. Brentals
    December 30, 2013

    Harrison, you need to now add an addendum for last night’s Hansen goal, as that pass from Hank was just absurd!

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  4. Mitch
    December 30, 2013

    Tanev’s got number one, huh? You guys are such a bunch of softies.

    And yes, this goofy grin was here before I started watching that clip, thank you very much.

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  5. Noodle
    December 31, 2013

    #6 is gorgeous. I want to marry that goal.

    On another note, these clips make me realize how much I miss Burrows when he’s not playing. In that Tanev clip especially, he’s just SO HAPPY for his teammates. Official high-five marshall of the Canucks right there.

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