I Watched This Game: Canucks at Calgary Flames, December 29, 2013

Like Johnny Galecki, the Canucks were a little rusty. The week-long break between games didn’t do the Canucks any favours, as they struggled to dispatch the lowly Flames. Don’t get me wrong, they were never in danger of losing this game, generally dominated puck possession, and were clearly the better team, but they couldn’t get the puck past the mediocre Reto Berra more than twice.

Frankly, this game had no business being as close as it was: the Canucks out-shot the Flames 30-to-18 and were about as smothering as a helicopter parent in the defensive zone, while Lack was perfect in his first game as the number one goaltender with Roberto Luongo injured. Aside from a strong push at the beginning of the third period, the Flames never looked competitive with the Canucks, which is why a 2-0 win is so underwhelming.

That said, the Canucks didn’t get sucked into playing down to the level of an inferior opponent and came away with a win, so it was still relatively satisfying when I watched this game.

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The top 30 Vancouver Canucks goals of 2013 (20 – 11)

One of our favourite traditions here at Pass it to Bulis is our annual countdown of the best goals of the year. We started this year’s edition with two games remaining in the season, because we are incredibly confident that they won’t result in anything that tops the 30 we already have.

Of course, the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers give up a lot of goals, so there’s always the chance they pull a couple highlight reel moves out of the hat, ruining this entire enterprise. In the meantime, here is the middle third of the list, featuring a trio from Daniel Sedin, a couple each from Zack Kassian and Jannik Hansen, a spattering of defencemen, and a soupçon of Henrik.

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