Canucks Christmas sweater ornaments by Chloe Ezra; reader trees and decorations

It’s the night before Christmas, which I believe is traditionally known as The Brink of Christmas. Pretty sure that’s right.

Those of you who celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings likely already have their trees fully decorated, stockings hung by whatever passes for a chimney in your home, and lights lit, both indoors and out. Some of our fine readers, who we affectionately refer to as Bulies (pronounced bōō-lēz), even sent us pictures of some of their Canucks-themed decorations.

There are some families with the tradition of getting a tree on Christmas Eve and decorating it that night. We call these families insane. But if you happen to be one of these crazy families, we have just the thing to make your tree extra-adorable: new Canucks Christmas ornaments from Chloe Ezra!

We have a long history of collaborations with Chloe, who is a fabulously talented artist and a dedicated Canucks fan. Two years ago, she made a sextet of printable Canucks ornaments, showing Alex Edler, Sami Salo, Jannik Hansen, Roberto Luongo, and the Sedins hanging by the back of their jerseys.

This time around, Chloe took inspiration from the Canucks’ ugly Christmas sweater fashion show, and made no less than 13 tiny, adorable Canucks hanging from their Christmas sweaters.

On the top row, we have Luongo and the Sedins, of course. On the second row is Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Jannik Hansen, and Dan Hamhuis. The third row features Chris Higgins, Jason Garrison, Alex Edler, Zack Kassian, and Eddie Lack.

The detail on these is magnificent, capturing every ugly detail of their sweaters and, as per usual, Chloe does a wonderful job capturing the likenesses of the Canucks.

If you want to print out these ornaments, Chloe provided links to the full-size PDFs on her Tumblr, or you can follow these two links: page one and page two.


Reader Trees and Decorations

A week ago, I shared a video of me decorating a Christmas tree with a Canucks theme, including green, white, and blue hockey tape for garland and a Naked Kesler tree topper. A couple of our wonderful readers responded by sending in pictures of their own Canucks-themed trees and we solicited more submissions on Twitter.

Please enjoy these Canucks decorations, from which you might take inspiration for your own Christmas decorations either this year or next.

Here is Erin’s tree, tastefully topped with ribbon that streams down the side of the tree, past the Chloe Ezra ornaments and other Canucks baubles:

You can clearly see that Erin is a massive Canucks fan, as the tree is displayed in front of a slew of Canucks memorabilia. You should also note that the lights are all green and blue, which was apparently painstakingly done by stealing all of the green and blue lights from multiple strands. Impressive work.

The next tree comes from Donna, who teamed up with a coworker, Fay, to decorate this tree at her workplace.

Donna and Fay printed up multiples of the Chloe Ezra ornaments to cover the tree and tracked down a plethora of green and blue traditional Christmas ornaments, including some great glass beads.

You can also see that they printed out Bieksa, Stanchion Killer, from the Pass it to Comics series we did with Chloe, which is a neat addition. There are also some printed out Canucks jerseys and, in a stroke of inspiration, the square-faced Canucks created by Tumblr user eeames.

This tree is just jam-packed with goodness and topped by a gnome wearing Kesler’s #17, or so I’m told.

Jon’s tree is a little more spare, but has some nice use of a Canucks blanket as a tree skirt:

Jon’s tree also features this bizarre and awesome little oddity, which was, according to Jon, “handmade by a local artist in Victoria.” Neat.

Quinn may not have a tree, but the bulletin boards in her classroom are all decked out in Canucks colours and decorated for Christmas, which is more rad than approximately 57.2958 degrees. That’s a math joke just for Quinn.

Then there’s Menz MacMenzie, who may not have any Canucks ornaments, but does have three Don Cherry ornaments, which struck me as so bizarrely funny that I couldn’t help but share it:

I find these ornaments odd.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. cathylu
    December 24, 2013

    Thank you for the link to make Chloe’s ornaments! I will be using work resources to make those immediately. And thanks for the photos of the other Canuck trees – so festive!

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