Canucks Christmas sweater ornaments by Chloe Ezra; reader trees and decorations

It’s the night before Christmas, which I believe is traditionally known as The Brink of Christmas. Pretty sure that’s right.

Those of you who celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings likely already have their trees fully decorated, stockings hung by whatever passes for a chimney in your home, and lights lit, both indoors and out. Some of our fine readers, who we affectionately refer to as Bulies (pronounced bōō-lēz), even sent us pictures of some of their Canucks-themed decorations.

There are some families with the tradition of getting a tree on Christmas Eve and decorating it that night. We call these families insane. But if you happen to be one of these crazy families, we have just the thing to make your tree extra-adorable: new Canucks Christmas ornaments from Chloe Ezra!

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