Stick in Link: Alex Edler out indefinitely; Gino Odjick’s health issues

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• Alex Edler is out indefinitely with a mysterious injury. It could be anything. After the tongue-lashing he received from John Tortorella the other night, my first guess was a broken heart, but I’ve heard it’s lower body. [Pro Hockey Talk]

• More on Gino Odjick’s health issues, which seem to be concussion-related, via Brad Ziemer. This quote from his business manager Kumi Kimura is scary: “He was way gone at Pavel’s thing. We were walking on eggshells [...] We wanted him in the hospital until two or three days before Pavel’s event so he would be calm, be rested and get on the regular meds that control his brain. Our goal was to get him to Pavel’s retirement. He got there, but he walked out in sneakers and a hat when he should be wearing a suit. He knows better. That just wasn’t him.” [Vancouver Sun]

• Most of the talk about Vancouver’s prospect pool has focused around Hunter Shinkaruk and Bo Horvat, but Cole Cassels is having a pretty impressive season OHL season as well. On Wednesday, the Canucks inked him to his entry-level contract. [NHL]

• David Booth’s work with a skating coach is paying off. [The Province]

• Ryan Kesler is pretty important to the Vancouver Canucks, I’d say. [Burnaby News Leader]

• Roberto Luongo reacts to Henrik Lundqvist’s new long-term deal with the Rangers. He speaks like someone who’s been hurt before.

• Glen Gulutzan echoes what the statheads have been saying for awhile: “We’re creating, we’re putting pucks on the net. We have a ton of zone time. It’s just a matter of those pucks going in.” [The Globe & Mail]

• Speaking of the statheads, Dimitri Filipovic looks at the Canucks through 30 games. I hope you like charts. [Canucks Army]

• Martin Brodeur thinks the starter’s job in Sochi is Roberto Luongo’s to lose, in much the same way he won it in the first place. [TSN]

• In honour of John Tortorella, who has, according to Mike Gillis, “a unique way of showing his excitement,” counting down the top 5 angry Canuck outbursts. [Canucks Hockey Blog]

• Finally, here’s a video on stuff the Canucks eat. There isn’t enough nacho cheese in their diet, in my opinion. Nacho cheese is where it’s at.


  1. ikillchicken
    December 5, 2013

    -Can’t help but notice that the Canucks looked much better after Edler left. Don’t want to mistake correlation for causation but…

    -Really hope they call up Corrado. I’ve always favored running with young players and giving them some NHL experience over simply shuffling in a plug.

    -I’m deeply saddened to hear about Gino’s troubles. Gotta say though, he rocked the hat and sneakers look. Pretty sure that’s called style, not mental illness.

    -Enjoyed Lu’s tweet. Although his recent one to Lack was even funnier.

    -I’m now convinced that Broduer is trying to jinx Lu. Expect him to say next: Lu is definitely the starter…JUST LIKE I WAS! At which point he will run away crying.

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  2. Mt
    December 5, 2013

    Gino: “Since I retired in 2002, I have spent 32 months at the hospital.” Wow, that’s really sad.

    That’s the reality will eventually put an end to the enforcer job. It’s just a matter of when. Losing the enforcer is far less sad than what happens for the rest of their lives. That’s a hell to wish on no one, even if they sign up for a job as face-puncher.

    I do agree with the above poster. I thought Gino’s outfit typified his character. He was always a really relatable guy–the human face of the team at the time. That human character among the stodgy suitness was a highlight of the ceremony.
    I hope the man finds some relief.

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  3. Naturalmystic
    December 5, 2013

    Turkey sliders….Jesus wept.

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