The Week Ahead: Homestand of Horror, part two: The Standening

Every Wednesday we take a look at The Week Ahead to see what storylines we’ll be following, because Wednesday is a day meant for looking ahead to the future. Around here we call Wednesday “Future Day” and we all wear silver jumpsuits and big bubble space helmets. Doesn’t everybody do that?


Friday, December 6th
Home vs the Phoenix Coyotes

Try not to panic, but the Canucks are at home this week. It’s not ideal. At the time of this writing, the Canucks are a very respectable 9-5-2 away from Rogers Arena. In their own building, however, they’re 5-5-3. That is, as the kids say, wack. It has wackness. And after another decent road swing underscores the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team — they were just abysmal during that seven-game homestand — the prospect of them coming back home is up there with an uncle getting out of prison. Maybe it’s best they just stay away. But if they have to come home, hide the good silverware.

Fortunately, their first test of this crucial five-game homestand isn’t an overly tall one. The Phoenix Coyotes are ahead of them in the standings, but only by one point, and they’re not the shutdown Coyotes of yore — a team that would just smother the life out of the offensively starved Canucks. Outside of the Oilers and Flames (who are basically in their own conference which we’ll call the Sub-West), the Coyotes are the most defensively unsound team in the Conference, with 84 goals allowed.

Sunday, December 8th
Home vs the Colorado Avalanche

Here’s your storyline heading into a tilt with the surprising Colorado Avalanche: the league’s two most irritable coaches go head to head, with little more than a piece of plexiglass separating them. Sure, it will be interesting to see how the Canucks stack up with this year’s edition of the Avalanche, especially considering how they’ve dominated Colorado in the past, but I’m more interested in who wins a fight between John Tortorella and Patrick Roy.

Monday, December 9th
Home vs the Carolina Hurricanes

It’s the return of Manny Malhotra. The Canucks saw their former centre last week, but that was on his new home turf. The Hurricanes’ visit brings Manny back to town, and the former fan favourite is sure to get a strong reception. It’s also a battle of hockey’s best brother tandems, as the Staals once again go head-to-head with the Sedins. The Sedins have the upper hand, for what it’s worth: they’ve been planning for this matchup since utero. Eric Staal had to wait four years for Jordan to arrive, and then another two or three before they could even communicate. It’s hardly fair, really.



  1. Chris the Curmudgeon
    December 4, 2013

    You guys are too prolific today. I do have work to do, you know.

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  2. dontpassjustshoot
    December 4, 2013

    Manny Malhotra is still a fan favourite! No former about it.

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  3. flyingv
    December 4, 2013

    I, for one, will give Manny a hearty cheer at the game.

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  4. Aaron
    December 4, 2013

    A huge Standing O for Manny, So glad hes back in the NHL.

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  5. Blueliner
    December 4, 2013

    “That is, as the kids say, wack.”

    Wack makes me think of this scene:

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  6. ikillchicken
    December 5, 2013

    Also wack, this sentence:

    “The Phoenix are ahead of the in the standings, but only by one point”

    It has much wackness.

    And I think you meant Oilers and Flames, not Oilers and Wild.

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    • Harrison Mooney
      December 5, 2013

      That IS wack. Fixed.

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