John Tortorella seems upset: a GIF collection

One of the first things John Tortorella did when he arrived in Vancouver was get the Rogers Arena staff to install doors separating the player benches from the locker-room tunnels.

“It’s like I’m coaching in the stands,” he explained. “You’re practically coaching in the first row and I’m sure I’m going to piss off a few people. But it’s proper. A lot of things go on and a lot of things are said — especially if there are young kids [in earshot]. It’s just the intensity of the game. You don’t want that.”

In other words, he wanted to be able to swear.

Two months into Tortorella’s tenure as the Canucks’ coach, he has made great use of these doors. While Torts does appear to have changed his stripes in regards to how he handles the media before and after games, during games, he can get a little wound up. It’s led to some pretty incredible GIFs, and at the rate they’re coming in — especially with the Canucks struggling to string wins together — it’s really time someone started collecting them.

We are that someone. We give you the “John Tortorella seems upset” GIF collection, which will be updated throughout the season. Bookmark it now, and visit this space any time you’re in a bad mood and want some company.

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