I Watched This Game: Canucks vs Dallas Stars, November 17, 2013

Coming into Sunday night’s visit from the Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks fans were talking about three things: Ryan Kesler’s triumphant return to centre, the powerplay, which has been sputtering like Archie’s comically crappy car, and the Canucks’ sudden inability to turn strong possession numbers — all that time spent near their object of desire, the goal — into scoring. (It’s as though the net put them in the friend zone!)

But with so much else to talk about, you know what we weren’t talking about? Officiating. And we usually are in this city. That in mind, you can understand why the officials, feeling ignored by a town that usually gives them so much ink, decided to make absolutely sure the good people of Vancouver were talking zebras after this one. Good job, refs, and by good job, I mean bad job, because I watched this game.

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