Can we still be outraged about Karl Alzner shooting his glove at Daniel Sedin?

Prior to Monday night’s game versus the Washington Capitals, the Canucks seemed to really be struggling to draw penalties. I’d argue it was mostly bad luck. Sometimes you go through a stretch like that. But it led many fans to wonder if it had something to do with Vancouver’s not-entirely-fair reputation as the divingest team in NHL history, a rep that’s half lazy narrative and half Ryan Kesler’s showy acting choices. (He’s the Anthony Hopkins of diving. He needs to become the Daniel Day-Lewis of diving.)

Versus the Capitals, however, the Canucks got their powerplay chances. Six of them, in fact. They weren’t able to — wait for it — capitalize, but that’s okay. For the first time in awhile, they got calls.

But it was far from a flawlessly officiated game. In the end, it doesn’t matter, since the Canucks won, but the contest featured a blown call that, had they lost, would have been the topic du jour in Vancouver this morning. It could have changed the game’s whole complexion, like Clearasil. (Instead, the Canucks had to change it themselves, with Sedinasil, the only skin care cream made with Scandinavian twin magic.)

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