The Paper Feature: Judging Mike Gillis’s new acquisitions 10 games in

A commonly heard refrain at the beginning of the NHL season is that you can’t pass judgement on a team or player until at least 10 games have past. Really, this is a purely arbitrary number that just sounds good because it matches the number of fingers on our hands. 10 games into the 2010-11 season, the St. Louis Blues were in first place in the league after getting off to a hot start. 72 games later, they missed the playoffs.

With that said, 10 games is still enough time to start to get a feel for a team or player’s tendencies and it’s all we have to go on for some of the newest Canucks on the roster. While Mike Gillis didn’t make sweeping changes to the roster, despite all the talk about a “reset” at the start of the off-season, there are still a lot of new faces who we can start to judge.

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