Scandal alert: Roberto Luongo may be James Duthie, which explains his poor October

Roberto Luongo’s Twitter account has always seemed too good to be true. Most hockey players suck at Twitter, after all. Consider Ryan Whitney, considered by Sports Illustrated to be one of hockey’s few essential follows. Look at his tweets. If these are the tweets of an essential hockey follow, then, well, heaven help us. Hockey is doomed.

Luongo, on the other hand, has always been a notch above. His @strombone1 account is funny. He’s current. He’s self-referential and self-effacing. He interacts well with others. It’s been an invaluable means of reinventing his hockey persona and revitalizing his relationship with the fans in Vancouver.

But the account has never been without controversy. Ever since it was uncovered, there have been conspiracy theories about to who’s really behind the account. It’s a comedian, said some. It’s Kevin Bieksa, said others who refused to believe a hockey team could have two funny guys. (Not unreasonable if, again, you look at most player Twitter accounts). And, in one of the most lasting theories: it’s actually Roberto Luongo superfriend James Duthie.

Duthie and Luongo have both rebutted this theory multiple times in the past, even directly to me, but it’s never really gone away. And on Monday, it received a new lifewhen Duthie’s reflection appeared in a photo tweeted by the @strombone1 account.

Here’s the original tweet, which was very funny and self-referential, as usual:

Do you see it? Here. Keen-eyed Vancouverite Ali Alsamaraie blew it up for you:


Suspicious, because when I tweet a photo I took, James Duthie’s reflection doesn’t show up in it. Heck, if I go into the bathroom and say his name three times into the mirror, his reflection doesn’t appear there either. It’s very hard to get James Duthie’s reflection to appear in a photo unless you are James Duthie at the time the photo is taken and you’re the one taking it.

Welp, I’m declaring a scandal. Scandal! It’s a scandal, people! Gasp accordingly.

Has this all been an elaborate ploy by Duthie and Luongo — a setup, like that time a month or so ago when they tried to convince us they were doing a formal sitdown interview where Luongo was being asked difficult questions? Perhaps!

On Tuesday morning, Luongo (OR MAYBE DUTHIE??!!1) tried to pacify the Body Snatchers-style finger-pointers who felt they’d uncovered the truth.


Basically, Duthie took the photo and sent it to Luongo, who tweeted it as part of his back-and-forth with Lack. Makes sense. Scandal averted.

But in the process, he kicked off an even greater scandal: this dude doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your. Unless this entire text exchange was staged and orchestrated by Duthie, who knew nobody would believe a journalist could make such an egregious error. (In which case, your a genius, Duthie.)

How deep does this scandal go? Maybe Roberto Luongo himself is James Duthie? Or maybe Luongo takes every October off and lets Duthie do his job for him until November 1?

Actually, that makes a lot of sense.


  1. biznow
    October 22, 2013

    I think the real scandal here is why no one suggested the “Drunk 1″ shirt hanging in the background for Lack. Unless it’s on hold for Pavelec…

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  2. Twurtle
    October 22, 2013

    Was the “your” in your a genius Duthie intentional, or did you guys mix up the you’re/your?

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    • Harrison Mooney
      October 22, 2013


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  3. Marc
    October 22, 2013

    I can disprove the conspiracy. James Duthie is not that funny.

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  4. Marcus
    October 22, 2013

    But it says “Duthie” up top, meaning it’s Luongo’s phone. Lu has the bad grammar/made the mistake, not Duthie.

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    • Dane
      October 22, 2013

      Hence why it was suggested it was a ‘staged’ text exchange. :)

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  5. John in Marpole
    October 22, 2013

    ‘James Duthie’ is far from the worst thing that Luongo has been called during his Canuck tenure.

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  6. Nee
    October 22, 2013

    Mind. Blown.

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