PITB is famous: Kevin Bieksa’s first NHL goal memories forever tainted by our existence

When Harrison and I first started Pass it to Bulis, the “PITB is famous” tag was a way to joke about how small-time we were by celebrating even the tiniest mention of the blog in the mainstream media. It was astonishing to us when our silliness — scrabble challenges and dumb questions on HNIC After Hours — actually received coverage in the real world.

Now that we occupy the hazy borderlands between mainstream and alternative media, it’s less surprising to see our blog mentioned elsewhere, so that saying “PITB is famous” no longer seems tongue-in-cheek, but instead looks like we’re tooting our own horn. If our horns are to be tooted, we prefer that other people toot them without prompting from us.

Still, there’s one place where we still don’t expect to get our horns tooted: in the mouths of the players. Okay, that came out wrong…

On Tuesday’s game between the Canucks and the Devils at Rogers Arena, the big screen at centre ice showed a short video during one of the TV timeouts where Kevin Bieksa reminisced about his first NHL goal. Unexpectedly, that led to a mention of your favourite Bulis-themed Canucks blog.

“Jan Bulis had the puck behind the net. Do you remember Jan Bulis? Yeah, pass it to Bulis — Bulis passed it to me.”

Hey, we remember Jan Bulis. He was that bald guy, right, the breakout star of classic Canucks fan video “Trapper’s Delight“. You mean he actually played for the Canucks at one point? Weird.

Considering the last time someone brought up PITB to Bieksa he actually thought we were Jan Bulis, it’s entirely possible he wasn’t referencing us at all and thought he was plugging his ex-teammate’s Twitter account.

The reference wasn’t entirely unbidden, unfortunately, as you can hear someone — pretty sure it’s Kathy Anderson — say “Pass it” when Bieksa asks if she remembers Jan Bulis. It’s a fair question from Bieksa, considering she hasn’t been a long-time Canucks fan and wasn’t in Vancouver during Bulis’s tenure here. Instead, she’s an admitted fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, Ottawa Senators, Phoenix Suns, and Toronto Raptors, as well as “any squad from Boston.” Whoops.

That doesn’t change how much we love Kathy, whose videos for Canucks.com are thoroughly entertaining, and having her prompt Bieksa to say “Pass it to Bulis” only further endears her to us. Also, the Canucks went out of their way to get us this video, so we have nothing but love for their web and social media team.

Now we just need to leverage some of this fame into the “and fortune” side of the equation.

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