Make John Tortorella chewing out a cameraman your ringtone [VIDEO]

Here’s a John Tortorella fact that you may not know: the man has no time — just absolutely none — for your ringing cellphone. He hates it like he hates Twitter. Maybe more. My best guess as to why is that Tortorella prefers to be the only thing that’s a threat to go off when he’s in a scrum.

In any case, Tortorella’s hatred for unsilenced cell phones is common knowledge in most media circles, but at least one guy failed to get the memo before Monday afternoon’s scrum. So Tortorella gave it to him.

“That’s gonna be a major-league fine, I tell ya,” Tortorella bristled. “I’m gonna walk. I’ll walk. If cell phones go off, I’ll walk.” Here’s video of the moment:

I feel bad for that cameraman, but at the same time, I also envy him a little. Being chewed out by John Tortorella is like being punched by Floyd Mayweather. Sure, it’s not ideal, but on the other hand, at least you can brag about it to your friends. They’re gonna be so jealous.

Or at least they would be if it wasn’t possible for them to experience the same moment. Want John Tortorella to chew you out when your phone rings? Well now you can, with the “John Tortorella chewing you out” ringtone. The next time someone calls you, you’ll hear the Canucks coach threatening to walk.

Here’s a preview of what it’ll sound like.

Except over and over, until you answer the dang phone.

Word of warning: if you do make this your ringtone, and it goes off during one of Tortorella’s scrums, Pass it to Bulis is in no way responsible for your injuries.

Finally, here’s a great recap of other instances in which Tortorella has made his anti-phone policy known.

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  1. madwag
    September 16, 2013

    hardly a mayweather punch! just a light jab delivered with a pleasant firmness.

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  2. drosboro
    September 16, 2013

    “Chewing out” seems a bit over-the-top sensationalistic. This is what I as a teacher would call a “low-key response” – in fact, I couldn’t have dealt with it better myself. He addresses the problem without even making eye-contact with the “offender”, doesn’t escalate it to be a huge deal, and keeps on with what he was saying. Doesn’t raise his voice, just spells out the consequence. Textbook stuff, really. I may use this the next time I’m doing pro-d with new teachers.

    Perhaps the reality is just that we can’t wait for him to actually blow up, so we’re grasping at straws, a bit?

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  3. iain
    September 16, 2013

    as someone who believes the cellphone ringtone is one of the great evils of 21st century life (don’t believe me? check your own reaction next time one goes off when you’re in a movie theatre), i’m completely on board with torts on this.

    honestly, he just gets better and better. Torts for PM!

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  4. Stopbeingthatguy
    September 16, 2013

    Is this really news? PITB I think you should stick to what got you to The Province and actually write about hockey. Cell phones going off anytime where they should be muted, such as this instance, is considered to be very rude and I have no problems with Torts telling reporters or whomever’s phone it was to be respectful.

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    • Daniel Wagner
      September 16, 2013

      Wait, you’re under the impression that we have a problem with what Tortorella said? Man, you could not be more wrong. We found it both awesome and hilarious. That’s why Harrison made a ring tone of it, because it’s great.

      Also, we’re not with The Province. But it should be noted that stuff like this is part of what got us to the Vancouver Sun. So…

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      • Colby
        September 16, 2013

        stopbeingthatguy = John Tortorella . Condesending tone… check. vigilance for cell phonce silence.. check. Ignorant to which member of the media he is even insulting.. check.

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  5. akidd
    September 16, 2013

    kinda agree about the twitter, and agree about the cellphones(but not so much with the threatening to walk or the disciplining of those who aren’t really in his charge…or the whole general concept of disciplining, for that matter.)

    but, ya, nice ringtone there, harrison. just 5 more irony points and you get a free latte.

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  6. BedBeats
    September 17, 2013

    Lulz at anyone that misses the humour, and misses that Torts was on point.

    Damn straight some clown like TonyG would be livid if Torts had his cel, and it rang AND he answered it during the presser.

    Methinks i might like that Torts guy as the days pass by.

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