Young Stars Three Stars: Canucks prospects vs Sharks prospects, September 5, 2013

If you’re eager for the return of our regular I Watched This Game feature, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Since the game itself isn’t really the point of the Young Stars tournament, we’re instead looking at the games with a three stars format looking at individual performances and who stood out the most. We’ll be looking at the three best players from among the Canucks prospects as well as making a few other observations.

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2013 Canucks prospect training camp invitees: part two

Today we continue our look at the invitees to the Canucks 2013 prospect training camp as the Young Stars tournament kicks off with a game between the Canucks and Sharks. will be streaming the game online at 7:30 pm, giving fans their first chance to see guys like Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk in action in a Canucks jersey. It will also be our first chance to see if some of the undrafted and unsigned invitees have a chance to earn a contract.

It’s interesting to note that five of the eleven invitees play left wing. Left wing is currently the weakest position in the Canucks’ prospect pool. Every other position has at least one player with a fairly certain NHL future: Nicklas Jensen at right wing, Bo Horvat and Brendan Gaunce at centre, Frank Corrado at defence, and Joacim Eriksson and Eddie Lack in net.

On left wing, however, the Canucks have Darren Archibald, Ludwig Blomstrand, Steven Anthony, Wes Myron, and Matthew Beattie. There’s some potential in that list and one of those players could surprise everyone, but none of them have significant upside to really get excited about.

If you don’t have quality, however, you may as well go for quantity and hope that you get lucky if you roll the dice enough times. It makes sense, then, for most of the invitees to play a position of weakness for the Canucks in hopes that one of them stands out and can be added to the prospect pool.

On Tuesday, we looked at the first five invitees coming to camp. Here are the remaining six:

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Every Goal, 2012-13: Derek Roy

Hey, remember Derek Roy? Acquired by the Canucks amid all the trade deadline moves, Roy was supposed to give the Canucks three stable lines and make them a deep, formidable foe in the postseason. But, after showing flashes of promise as the club ran out the rest of the schedule, Roy followed the advice of self-help band Radiohead and disappeared completely. Understandably, the Canucks showed little interest in re-signing the centre, and off he went to St. Louis, along with Max Lapierre.

I think most Vancouver fans would like to forget he was ever here at this point. But we can’t — not just yet. He scored three goals, which means he gets an entry in the Every Goal series. Rules are rules, friends. Let’s get this over with.

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