Every Goal, 2012-13: Henrik Sedin

It was a strange season for the Sedins, who have grown accustomed to starting most of their shifts in the offensive zone and focusing mainly on creating offence. Unfortunately, a series of injuries to Ryan Kesler forced them into a more defensive role and slowed up the offensive production of the first powerplay unit. As a result, they didn’t produce quite as much offence as they usually do.

Even still, they still produced some. Henrik Sedin, in fact, scored 11 goals, only three off his total in the 82-game 2011-12 season. But, like I said, it was a weird year, and the way in which these goals were scored gives evidence to that. On several, Henrik and Alex Burrows trade bodies. Two are empty-netters, one of which is shorthanded. One is scored on a Daniel Sedin one-timer with Henrik plying the net-front presence. It’s just wacky, uncharacteristic stuff.

Although there’s still some Sedinery. I know that’s what you’re here for and there’s a definitely a smattering of it in this entry. Enjoy.

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