Canucks’ 2013-14 schedule released: Luongo vs. Schneider on October 8th?

When the  NHL schedule wasn’t released mid-week as expected, hockey fans understandably began to panic. I mean, sure, it was probably just a minor delay while the League sorted out some of the details of the Sochi agreement — you certainly can’t release a schedule when you’re trying to sort out whether or not that schedule will have a two-week Olympic break — but we’re not fully over the lockout just yet. What if the schedule didn’t get released until January? Because that happened recently.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait that long this time around: on Friday afternoon, we got our dates. Even more exciting: this year’s schedule has almost twice as many Canucks games as last year! Awesome!

The complete Canucks schedule can be found here, but if you’d rather just have someone tell you about the big dates, here’s what you need to know:

The club opens the season against new division rivals the Sharks on Thursday, October 3rd. That’s right: new division rivals. The Northwest Division is no more. All hail the Pacific Division, which should be easy enough to remember. If you’re stuck, just think of what body of water you usually swim in.


Anyway. The Canucks’ home opener is two days later versus the Oilers.

The next big date could be a very big date indeed, and it’s just three days after that: the New Jersey Devils, Cory Schneider’s new club, visit on October 8th. This will already be met with some fanfare, but it could be an even bigger deal if Schneider and Luongo happen to be manning opposite nets.

It seems unlikely, since Schneider probably won’t be the starter by game no. 4 of the Devils’ season. (My guess: he’ll take over partway through the year when Brodeur can’t stop the bleeding in Newark). But it’s important to note that this will be the second game of the Devils’ first road trip of the season, and it takes place one night after their first.

It’s a back-to-back on the road for New Jersey, a game where most teams typically play their second-stringer. Meanwhile, the Canucks will be playing on a day’s rest, so Roberto Luongo will probably be in net.

That is, if he reports to Vancouver, and his recent tweets suggest he’s coming to terms with the idea, especially the one from this afternoon:


All of this is to say that, while it’s not a guarantee, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for us to see Roberto Luongo vs. Cory Schneider practically right out of the gate. That would be great.

Or it could be Eddie Lack versus Martin Brodeur. That would be substantially less great.

And speaking of visits from old flames: Alain Vigneault returns to Vancouver on April Fools day (which suggests, to me, the shap crew were consulted on the schedule for some reason).

Other dates of note:

  • November 2 – The Maple Leafs visit the Canucks for the annual “Get Outraged that the Game is at 4pm and Claim It’s Evidence of an East Coast Bias” Bowl.
  • November 7 – The California road trip tradition is alive and well. If you’re looking to drive down the coast and catch three Canucks games in four nights, this is where it starts. The Canucks visit the Sharks on Thursday, November 5, then head to LA to see the Kings on Saturday and the Ducks on Sunday. Vancouver fans give the League a lot of crap for not thinking of us (and we’ll have done so loudly during the Leafs’ visit a week earlier, as it happens), but kudos to the NHL on the scheduling here. They had Vancouver fans in mind. There’s a Coyotes game two nights earlier as well, if you want to extend the trip.
  • November 22 – The Blue Jackets skate into town for a GRUDGE MATCH with Brad Richardson.
  • November 30 – John Tortorella returns to New York, which should be the first real test of his newly-discovered patience.
  • December 6 – The Phoenix Coyotes come to town, with special teams coach Newell Brown in tow. Pro-tip: if Keith Yandle skates through the neutral zone with the puck on a powerplay, he’s going to drop the puck at the red line. Try to take it.
  • December 14 – The Boston Bruins, who remain severely disliked in these parts, return for the first time since they hoisted the Stanley Cup and made our worst citizens riot, which was really inconsiderate of them. Considering the January 2012 game basically exhausted both teams emotionally for a year like a Toy Story movie, this should be fun.
  • January 1 – New Year, old flame. Sami Salo returns for the first time since joining the Tampa Bay Lightning. He should get a warm round of applause, but I caution you: not too warm, or the breeze all our clapping creates could hurt him.
  • January 7 – Sidney Crosby is coming to town, so you’d better watch out and you’d better not cry.
  • March 2 – The Heritage Classic is a thing that is happening.



  1. akiddd
    July 19, 2013

    AV returns on april fool’s day!!! well played nhl scheduler. well played. that couldn’t be just that point we’re going to have a pretty good idea who the joke is on.

    and lou has about as much leverage as tanev. khl?!? ha! can’t play in florida? moving to siberia instead. that’ll show em!:)

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    • John in Marpole
      July 19, 2013

      You’re on to something, the delay in releasing the schedule was the extra work that went in to ensuring that the Rangers played in Vancouver on April 1st.

      Because, as everyone knows, the NHL has 2 raison d’etre:

      1) Screw the Canucks at every turn
      2) Mock the Canucks with the schedule

      Now had Luongo made that tweet on April 1st, and someone, anyone, taken it even slightly seriously, now that would be the perfect April Fool joke.

      VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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      • akiddd
        July 20, 2013

        hey john, oh hey, sarcasm. just got it. seriously, cause your first bulletin point didn’t seem that off-track to me. good stuff! and way to keep the paranoia in check! what’s the secret? detachment or involvement? a healthy diet? faith or scepticism? from which side of the plate are you coming at such a healthy attitude?

        VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
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  2. Sean
    July 19, 2013

    “The Boston Bruins, who remain severely disliked in these parts, return for just the second time since they hoisted the Stanley Cup and made our worst citizens riot, which was really inconsiderate of them.”

    Would it not be their first time visiting since “that day”? We didn’t face them at all this past season, and the year prior, we faced them once but that was in Boston.

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    • Harrison Mooney
      July 19, 2013

      Yep, you’re right. My mistake.

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  3. GF
    July 19, 2013

    I don’t usually comment, but this has been one of the worst weeks of my life; and this post cheered me up more than anything else has.

    Thank you for always making me laugh!

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  4. pinner
    July 20, 2013

    I dunno if a trip to Phoenix two days prior to San Jose really fits in well with that road trip there, perhaps if it was after the Anaheim game, then a stop in vegas on the way home… otherwise that’s on helluva detour.

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  5. Sedinitronic
    July 21, 2013

    I read the November 2nd entry as:

    “Get Outraged that the Game is at 4pm and Claim It’s Evidence of an East Coast Bias” Brawl

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  6. J21
    July 22, 2013

    I’d say barring injury, Schneider is a lock to play that game for the Devils, not only because of the back-to-back, but the obvious motivation factor and the fact that Brodeur has traditionally kind of sucked versus the Canucks.

    And by the way, even if it’s not malicious, putting western game times on the eastern broadcast schedule is kind of the very definition of an eastern bias. That’s not really a controversial view, it’s just how they do things in media.

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  7. BeCanucks
    July 26, 2013

    OMG! I lol’ed so hard at the kit’s pool!
    Thank you!

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