Chloe Ezra’s new Canucks Twitter stickers are adorable

We at Pass it to Bulis are big fans of Chloe Ezra, the cartoonist Canucks fan whose Tumblr, Blue Soup, is thoroughly entertaining. We have collaborated a number of times in the past, including the popular Pass it to Comics series during the 2011-12 season.

Earlier this year, Chloe created a set of Canucks stickers featuring 22 adorable little headshots of the Canucks, as well as both Green Men, Canucks website writer and Twitter maestro Derek Jory, and former Canuck Sami Salo, who holds a special place in Chloe’s heart. I made sure to order a couple sets for myself and they are even more awesome in real life.

Now, Chloe has put together a new set of Canucks stickers, this time spotlighting four of the Canucks who are on Twitter. They are absolutely fantastic.

Those are simply superb. I am constantly amazed by Chloe’s ability to capture the Canucks’ likenesses with such spare designs. From Burrows’ smile and eyebrows to Kesler’s Astro Boy hairstyle, Chloe finds the right details to emphasize every time.

Of course, this is not a complete set of stickers when it comes to Canucks on Twitter. Missing is controversial Tweep, David Booth. In fact, with the Twitter avatar being a bird and featuring prominently in each sticker, it’s clear what Booth’s sticker should look like:



Really, there’s room for a sequel. Jordan Schroeder, Zack Kassian, and Jason Garrison are also all on Twitter, along with prospects Eddie Lack, Frank Corrado, Darren Archibald, Brendan Gaunce, and almost all of the Canucks’ picks from this year’s entry draft.

As a special bonus, how about a Mike Gillis sticker? All the kids will want to stick @GMMikeGillis to their Trapper Keepers, right? Wait, are Trapper Keepers still a thing?

In any case, you should buy these four stickers because they’re excellent. Chloe’s even throwing in a Fin sticker with every order. You can get two sets of stickers, in any combination you like (if you happen to want a plethora of @strombone1 stickers and no @kbieksa3 stickers, for instance) for just $7. That’s a steal of a deal, except not literally because you still have to pay for them. Please don’t steal these stickers.

Just be warned: once you adhere the Luongo sticker to a surface, it’s nearly impossible to move.


Stick-tap to Mark Wagner (no relation) for that last joke.

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