Clifford the dog hates his Canucks pet sweater so, so much [VIDEO]

Some housepets are total puckheads. Moko the African grey parrot is a vocal and unabashed Vancouver Canucks fan. And just try talking to Dave the cat when he’s watching his beloved Anaheim Ducks. He’ll give you the stinkeye.

Other pets have no time for the game, however, no matter how hard we try to sell them on its merits. Take Clifford, for instance, an adorable dachshund that is, by all accounts, a happy-go-lucky little delight. Watch him do laps around this apartment. It’s adorable.

But try to put a Canucks-themed dog jacket on Clifford and fun time is over.


“Clifford loves the Canucks,” the uploader tells us in the video’s description, “But he doesn’t love his Canucks sweater.” Perhaps. I don’t know, though. The only way to say for certain that it’s the sweater and not the team would be to dress him in the dog jackets of the other 29 teams and see if his reaction is the same each time. It’s entirely possible that Clifford is a diehard Red Wings booster or something. Maybe Clifford is a Big Red dog.

Another possibility: Clifford is smart, and doesn’t want to waste his relatively short dog life debating whether Alain Vigneault is using Zack Kassian properly.

Whatever the reason, it’s quite clear he wants nothing to do with that Canucks pet sweater. He uses his entire arsenal in an effort to get it off. He drags it along the carpet. He attempts to snag it on the underside of the table. He even tries to escape into the hallway, where there’s a chance that a good Samaritan might find him and free him from this cottony prison.

Sadly, it’s to no avail. Chin up, Clifford. It could be worse. It could be a Panthers jacket.


  1. Rituro
    April 25, 2013

    That poor dog. Someone please remind its owners that pets are not runway models. Clothes are for humans.

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  2. smj
    April 25, 2013

    our dog tolerates his canucks hoodie. He doesn’t really love it, he sort of gets embarrassed when we put it on him. He is an 80 lb doberman so it is quite cute when he wears a hoodie…..but I agree clothes are for humans. (he never has to wear the hoodie for more than about 2 minutes, he’s just too embarrassed to leave it on.) I think he feels the canucks steal too much of our love away from him. Maybe that’s why Clifford isn’t a fan either.

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  3. RK
    April 25, 2013

    This little guy acts exactly like my old Dachshund.

    Sometimes “clothes” are necessary for small dogs, who don’t tend do so well in rain, snow, & freezing temperatures.

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