On Darren Dreger and the Canucks’ real trade deadline asking price for Roberto Luongo

The real story of the trade deadline was the trades that weren’t made, particularly when it came to two big-name goaltenders in the Northwest Division. Both Miikka Kiprusoff and Roberto Luongo were rumoured to be heading to the Toronto Maple Leafs at various points throughout the day. Neither did.

The attitudes of the two goaltenders as rumours swirled couldn’t have been more different. Kiprusoff simply didn’t want to be traded. He might even retire in the off-season. Luongo clearly wanted nothing more than to be traded so that he could start playing hockey again, leading to one of the most honest and blunt press conferences in recent memory.

So why, exactly, didn’t Luongo get traded? Luongo himself seemed to think that it was because of his contract, while Mike Gillis said it wasn’t a stumbling block and that discussions have centred around picks and players. Exactly what picks and players is unclear, though one particular rumour quickly spread after the trade deadline had passed. Darren Dreger initially reported that the Canucks were looking to acquire Ben Scrivens and two second round draft picks in return for Roberto Luongo, a report that was echoed by Pierre LeBrun, Jason Botchford, and Kevin McGran, among others.

Dreger appeared on TSN 1050 on Monday, however, and threw a big ol’ wrench into the works, apparently revealing what the Canucks were originally seeking in a trade with the Leafs and throwing his original report into doubt in the process.

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We talkin’ about practice? Ryan Kesler gets the Iverson treatment [VIDEO]

Ryan Kesler returned to the Canucks lineup versus the Coyotes, and to these eyes, he looked pretty good. He scored a goal, he facilitated some breakouts, and he tilted the ice in the Canucks’ favour. But he’s still got a ways to go before he’s back to top form, and with the schedule winding down and practice days few and far between, Kesler will have to play his way into game shape.

The topic of Kesler’s limited practice time came up during an intermission interview Monday night, and a happy-to-be-back Kesler responded, simply, “We talkin’ about practice?” It was, of course, a reference to one of the greatest interviews of all-time, Allen Iverson’s infamous practice rant.

But in case you missed the reference, our old friend MAKAVELI719696, creator of Bruins’ takedowns “Embellishment City” and “The Ironing Is Delicious”, decided it was time to make it more explicit, mashing up the two interviews in a small masterpiece this morning:

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