Chat it to Bulis: The 2013 PITB NHL trade deadline day livechat extravaganza

Normally, NHL trade deadline day is massive bore, with nothing happening for most of the day until the very last minute, particularly when it comes to Mike Gillis, who usually treats deadlines the same way a college freshman treats studying for a final exam: last minute cramming.

We expect this year’s trade deadline will be completely normal.

But PITB will be here all day, from 5 AM in the morning until there’s no chance that Gillis snuck in a last-second fax to the NHL head offices. We’ll give you up-to-the-minute updates and analysis, not just of the various trades throughout the day, but also of James Duthie’s bad jokes, Aaron Ward’s tie, and Bob McKenzie’s on-air cell-phone use. If past livechats are an indication, we’ll also talk about penguins, what we’re eating for breakfast, and Batman.

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Canucks sign up for four more years of Chris ‘Kiss Huggins’ Higgins and his famous torso

Early this morning, the Canucks traded a second round pick and defenceman prospect Kevin Connauton for Derek Roy, a pending unrestricted free agent. While this was certainly reasonable value for a scoring centre like Roy, the pending UFA part made some people a little nervous. There’s the possibility that he walks away from the Canucks in the off-season and is little more than a rental.

Of course, some rentals turn out better than others. Perhaps in an effort to qualm these concerns, the Canucks announced that they have re-signed Chris Higgins, another former rental, to a 4-year extension.

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Canucks acquire Derek Roy, allowing them to finally play their wingers on the wing

Over the course of his tenure as Canucks GM, Mike Gillis has earned a reputation as an eleventh hour dealer. Typically, the Canucks go completely quiet right up until the deadline appears to have passed, and then, just as Vancouver hockey fans begin to pout, it’s announced that Gillis’s paperwork has just beaten the buzzer.

Not so this time around, where it would appear Gillis’s New Year’s Resolution was to stop leaving things until the last second. A day in advance of the trade deadline, he’s made what may be his big splash: the Canucks have acquired centre Derek Roy from the Dallas Stars in exchange for a 2nd round pick and prospect Kevin Connauton.

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I Watched This Game: Canucks at San Jose Sharks, April 1, 2013

The best thing that can be said about this game is that it wasn’t as bad as the last one. Like their game against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, the Canucks got soundly outplayed by the San Jose Sharks and similarly succumbed to their opposition thanks to a flurry of goals in a short period of time.

Unlike their game against the Oilers, however, the Canucks actually showed some gumption, battling back by creating scoring chances, scoring goals, and coming just short of tying the game in the final minutes. Thanks to that, it was a lot more enjoyable when I watched this game.

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