Ryan Kesler has broken right foot, probably also has Mummy’s Curse

Manny Malhotra skated with the Canucks Wednesday afternoon, a move that, just like last time, sent many Canucks fans into the sort of panic they exhibit when something doesn’t make sense. (Why is he skating if he’s gone forever? Didn’t the Canucks neuralyze him and send him back into the world? What’s happening?)

But the explanation was very simple. Malhotra may not play any more games this year, but he’s still going to skate with the team on occasion, since they aren’t a threat to catch him with a blind-side head shot. Wednesday was one such occasion, especially as the Canucks found themselves in need of a 12th forward after waiving Aaron Volpatti and giving Ryan Kesler the day off because of his broken foot.


Feel free to let that sink in one more time: Ryan Kesler has a broken foot. In fact, Ryan Kesler has had a broken foot for almost a week. He broke it three games ago, last Thursday in Dallas after blocking a shot, but the team just discovered it today. Thus, according to Alain Vigneault, Kesler will be out “a little while”.

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Canucks waive Aaron Volpatti, remind everyone they have a guy named Steve Pinizzotto

Mired in a two-game losing streak, the Vancouver Canucks decided it was time for some bold moves Wednesday. To that end, they announced that Aaron Volpatti has been placed on waivers, and I say good. Volpatti’s done nothing in three of the last five games. Total no-show. I mean, sure, you can say he’s been a “healthy scratch”, but if injures aren’t an excuse, then neither is health, am I right?

That was a dumb joke.

The move makes room on the roster without risking a defenceman to waivers, a wise course of action considering the team’s early good fortune when it comes to injuries on the backend appears to be normalizing. Kevin Bieksa has recently gone out with the first Vancouver blueline injury of the year, and if this team’s history is any indication, others are likely to follow. That in mind, they can’t just be waving their NHL depth defenders around, willy-nilly, asking if anybody wants one.

Of course, the question is, for whom are the Canucks making space? The recently-waived Andrew Ebbett made the most sense, until Bob McKenzie mentioned a different name in explaining the roster move.

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