Roberto Luongo gets schooled by T.J. Oshie, owns it with a callback (VIDEO)

In the hallway after the game, Luongo still hadn’t dropped to his butterfly.

Last last month, Alex Burrows wowed everyone with an audacious shootout move versus the LA Kings, attempting a forehand spin-o-rama on Jonathan Quick, followed by a couple of late jukes and a seeing-eye snapshot just inside the post. Of course, it wasn’t “Wow, that was nifty,” so much as “Wow, that was embarrassing.” The move failed completely when Quick refused to bite — ironically — and Burrows wound up looking pretty darn foolish.

Even he knew it. Relive his reaction to the replay in real-time.

It was an eminently mockable move, and the hockey world took full advantage. Even Roberto Luongo joined in:



But alas, mocking a teammate’s performance in the shootout probably isn’t the wisest idea, especially when, as a goaltender, you have a much higher likelihood of embarrassment in the skills competition. Luongo especially. He seems to find himself in the shootout in every second start.

Sure enough, Luongo got his just desserts on Sunday night when T.J Oshie of the St. Louis Blues froze him, going five-hole for one of the easiest shootout goals you’re ever going to see. Here it is again. If you enjoy awkward comedy, this one’s right up there with Charlene Yi:

Yikes. You’d think Luongo was tied to the posts like Milhouse or something.

But, you know, he wasn’t. You’re allowed to close your legs, Lu. It’s a shootout, not a pelvic exam.

Said Luongo about the goal on Monday: “I watched a lot of video on [Oshie] and not once did he shoot. It kind of caught me off guard. I know I looked silly.”

Thankfully, this year’s Roberto Luongo is a lighter, smilier edition, not above looking or being silly on occasion. (Want proof? Check out his last three annual headshots.) And, since turnabout is fair play, Luongo clearly thought it only fair that he give himself the same ribbing he gave Burrows. Like, the exact same:


Seriously, what other athlete does Twitter this well? Self-effacing and self-referential? Roberto Luongo is tweeting at a high level.

We also would have accepted tweeting a link to Sly & The Family Stone’s “Stand”, R.E.M.’s “Stand”, or, for extra credit, classic, mid-twentieth century bluegrass act The Stanley Brothers singing “I Just Stood There”.

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  1. Zach Morris
    February 18, 2013

    Speaking as a non-goalie shoehorned into goalie-ing several times across different sports, it is terrible to get frozen by a shooter, because there’s really nothing you can do. It looks like he’s just standing there, but he physically cannot drop into the butterfly because he was completely prepared to go laterally.
    It’s similar to having a forward blow by you when you shift your weight wrong, or misinterpreting a question on a test and answering the question you thought was asked correctly, and in great detail.

    Awesome to see him rolling with it so well.

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    • Abby
      February 18, 2013

      “Awesome to see him rolling with it so well.”

      ^^ Could basically be the most accurate comment about Luongo this year.

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  2. Smokey
    February 18, 2013

    Strange how this happened right after Hughson’s lengthy rant about goalies watching too much shootout tape, which was directed at the Blues goalie.

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  3. Jason
    February 18, 2013

    Man I’m gonna miss Lu

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  4. Sarah
    February 18, 2013

    Good on Lu for seeing the humor in that play. It was a laugh out loud play and most players would have a hard time admitting that

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  5. Abby
    February 18, 2013

    I think Kesler’s nose would be offended, sir.

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  6. Abby
    February 18, 2013

    Roberto Luongo.

    Winning twitter since before we knew it was Luongo.

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  7. Fruzenius
    February 19, 2013

    That shot took me by surprise even on the replay. The deke into shot was so smooth. After watching it a few times, I felt like that actually would have been a really hard one to stop (I’m a goaltender of sorts)

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