Remembering Aaron Rome, as he returns to Vancouver a Star

Alain Vigneault may have always thought of Aaron Rome as a star, but he actually became one this past off-season when he signed in Dallas. Rome received a lot of love from the Canucks’ coach thanks to his safe and boring style of play. In many ways he was the ideal depth defenceman, who could be relied upon to keep things simple and prevent scoring chances, at both ends of the ice.

In Dallas, however, Rome is currently playing significant minutes for the Stars on their second pairing and on the penalty kill. At least, he is when he’s in the lineup. He missed 7 games near the beginning of the season with a groin injury and the flu, but has played well since returning. For Rome, signing in Dallas wasn’t just about the money, but about the chance to play a more significant role in a team’s top-four.

And now, he’s returning to Vancouver for the first time since signing with the Stars. We want to take the time to reminisce on Rome’s finest moments in his three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. It’s probably not going to take very long.

Remember that time he scored his first goal as a Canuck by lobbing a puck 200 feet down the ice into an empty net? It was just the second goal of his career and it happened to occur in his 100th game with the Canucks. The best part of the goal, however, was Henrik Sedin skating after it, then holding his arms out, as if to prevent anyone else catching up to it and preventing Rome’s historic moment.

It also led to our very first collaboration with Chloe Ezra, as we imagined three scenarios that could have, but thankfully did not, happen.

Remember that time he got shaving cream smashed in his face by Raffi Torres after scoring his first goal as a Canuck? Hahaha, oh man, good times.

Remember that time he absolutely destroyed Ladislav Smid with a massive hipcheck? You probably don’t.

Remember that time he scored a goal in the playoffs? No, seriously, he totally did. That’s not the only reason it was notable: it was also the only time that he ever skated behind the opponents’ net.

Remember that time he hit Nathan Horton in the Stanley Cup Finals? Pretty sure I said “finest moments” in the intro. Let’s skip ahead.

Remember that time he scored a goal in his first game of the 2011-12 season? And then again in his second game? Then just two games later, scored his third goal and added two assists to give him 5 points in 4 games? Remember how Harrison wrote a post the next day arguing that Rome would continue scoring throughout the season? And remember how it took Rome three months to score his next goal? Because I’m pretty sure Harrison wants to forget that part.

The best part of that scoring streak was how his teammates ruined his moment yet again, this time with a healthy dose of Keslurking, with the help of Kevin Bieksa, Alexander Sulzer, and Andrew Alberts. It also revealed that the Canucks’ defencemen like to take long walks on the beach together. No word on whether sometimes they prefer to stay in with a bottle of red wine and watch a DVD.

Remember how Rome’s fourth goal that season was scored off a rebound from a Chris Tanev shot? I know that sounds like it couldn’t possibly be true, but it is. Rome scored a goal after Tanev took a slapshot. The world is a crazy, unpredictable place sometimes.

Remember that time we thought he might harness the power of his magical moustache and win the Norris Trophy? Well, that didn’t happen, but it does look like he retroactively won the Canucks’ Most Exciting Player award for the 2011-12 season.

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  1. jenny wren
    February 15, 2013

    Coherent clear and quite concise
    I thought your post was very nice
    Thus moving me to write this pome
    To further praise our Aaron Rome

    And there can be no better way
    Than simply say he comes to play
    To wit while just a journeyman
    He always does the best he can

    Though clearly not a superstar
    He has respect from those that are
    While some excel in the extreme
    It’s men like him that make a team

    Therefore I think it only right
    He is acknowledged Friday night

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