Henrik Sedin becomes the Canucks’ leading scorer, receives standing ovation

Many in Vancouver have spent the past few days debating the atmosphere in Rogers Arena. It’s too corporate, some said. It’s not lively enough, other said. But, as it turns out, it’s not difficult to get the crowd on its feet. All you have to do is become the Canucks’ franchise scoring leader. Easy.

That’s what Henrik Sedin did Friday, picking up the two points he needed to match and surpass Markus Naslund during a five-minute stretch in the second period versus the Dallas Stars. It was a pair of assists that earned Henrik the title, because of course it was.

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Vote Japandroids, because if you don’t, Nickelback will happen

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that our beloved Vancouver Canucks are looking to make a change to the song that scores their journey from the tunnel to the ice at home games (often less cumbersomely described as the “entrance song”). For years, the boys in blue and green have been skating out to the tune of U2′s “Where the Streets Have No Name”, but recently, they announced that they were in the market for a new ditty, and they put it to the fans.

Now, I’m not the biggest U2 fan in the world, but I was happy with “Where the Streets Have No Name”, primarily because I didn’t hate it. Lord knows any move to replace the song ran the risk of swapping it out for something I truly loathed, especially since the sort of music typically used to psych up crowds tends to be fairly vapid (the music of Andrew W.K. a stark exception), and the Venn diagram of music I like and music the average sports fan likes crosses over at “some rap” and that’s pretty much it.

Well, sure enough, the Canucks have announced six finalists, and my nightmares have become reality. Seriously, my parents may as well have killed Freddy Kreuger — that’s how much my nightmare has become reality. The six finalists have been announced. They’re mostly bad (“Welcome to the Jungle”? Isn’t that a little obvious?), but one of them is beyond bad. One of them is Nickelback’s “Burn it to the Ground”.

You go with that, Canucks, and Pass it to Bulis becomes a Whitecaps blog*.

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Remembering Aaron Rome, as he returns to Vancouver a Star

Alain Vigneault may have always thought of Aaron Rome as a star, but he actually became one this past off-season when he signed in Dallas. Rome received a lot of love from the Canucks’ coach thanks to his safe and boring style of play. In many ways he was the ideal depth defenceman, who could be relied upon to keep things simple and prevent scoring chances, at both ends of the ice.

In Dallas, however, Rome is currently playing significant minutes for the Stars on their second pairing and on the penalty kill. At least, he is when he’s in the lineup. He missed 7 games near the beginning of the season with a groin injury and the flu, but has played well since returning. For Rome, signing in Dallas wasn’t just about the money, but about the chance to play a more significant role in a team’s top-four.

And now, he’s returning to Vancouver for the first time since signing with the Stars. We want to take the time to reminisce on Rome’s finest moments in his three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. It’s probably not going to take very long.

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Manny Malhotra’s five most memorable moments as a Canuck [VIDEO]

New Canucks blog Bure’s Triple Deke has spent its brief time on the internet absolutely killing it with quality content. They are an excellent addition to the Smylosphere and one of the things they do best is the compilation video. Their YouTube account has several videos worth watching, from Henrik’s top 5 assists in 2011-12 to their comprehensive tribute to Alex Burrows’s patented backhand deke.

In the wake of Thursday’s announcement that Manny Malhotra is done for the season, they have produced the top 5 moments of his career as a Vancouver Canuck. Like Sex Bob-Omb, Bure’s Triple Deke is here to make you get sad and stuff.

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