Which Canuck will be next to score his first goal of the season?

Everybody knows: Henrik is the passer, Daniel is the shooter. Henrik racks up the assists, while Daniel racks up the goals. This has been true throughout their careers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when Henrik goes through a long stretch of games without putting the puck in the net. And yet, with Henrik just one point back from surpassing Markus Naslund’s franchise record of 756 points, there are still rumblings of concern throughout the media and fanbase.

Henrik has yet to score a goal this season, going 11 games without scoring. At this point, he’s one of only five Canucks skaters without a goal this year.

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In ‘New Van Fan’, follow one man’s metamorphosis from know-nothing to panicky Canuck booster (VIDEO)

Being a Canucks fan isn’t simply about cheering for the Vancouver Canucks.

I mean, that’s a huge part of it, since not cheering for the Canucks basically assures that you can’t call yourself a fan. But if you’re boosting the Canucks with no knowledge of the team whatsoever, you run the risk of being called a bandwagon fan. It’s something that we try to deal with annually in our bandwagon fan cheat sheet, which gives new fans (and even those brave enough to admit they’re bandwagoning) a quick primer on the Canucks’ roster. You learn name, nicknames, things to say, things not to say. By the time you’re done, you’ll seem like a dedicated fanboy, even if you just got on board.

But there are other ways to get to know the team closely. You could, say, watch a lot of games. Or read this blog every day (which you should totally do anyway). Or, you could undergo the rigorous training program laid out in new web series “New Van Fan” from upstart video team the Frecklebombers.

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