Spitballin’ on Canucks ruining interviews, missing roommates, and scouting college players

Spitballin’ (or Super Pass ITBulis: All In, if you love adventurous acronymizing) is a feature that allows us to touch on a multitude of things really fast, because in the world of hockey, there are always lots of things to find and colour. Here are a few topics that deserve mention.

Tanev’s teammates drown out his post-game interview

We covered pretty much every aspect of Chris Tanev’s first NHL goal, but here are two things we left out. First, Dan “Community Man” Hamhuis was the one who got Tanev the puck, a job normally taken by Alex Burrows. Perhaps, when a defenceman scores, it’s another defenceman’s responsibility.

Second, Tanev’s teammates did their absolute best to ruin his post-game media scrum in the locker room:

This reminded me of the Canucks ruining a couple Aaron Rome interviews back in the day. Like Tanev, Rome wasn’t exactly known for his goalscoring and went a long time in a Canucks uniform before scoring his first. Rome went even longer without scoring a goal, playing 99 games with the Canucks before getting his first in his 100th game as a Canuck. His teammates mauled him the same way they did Tanev, then hit him with a shaving cream pie during his post-game interview.

The next season, 2011-12, Rome scored a goal in his first game of the season, again earning him some media attention. Again, the Canucks did their best to ruin it. Led by Kesler and Bieksa, four Canucks lurked in the background of his interview, then harangued him from off-screen when the camera man finally got them out of the shot.

It’s fair to say that Tanev can expect similar treatment in the future if his goal-scoring is as rare as Rome’s.

Ziemer talks about roommates, Sun photo department photoshops Bieksa and Kesler as Bert and Ernie

Brad Ziemer’s article about the new CBA giving players single rooms is a great read, full of excellent quotes from the Canucks on how much they miss having rommates, except that they totally don’t. Kevin Bieksa waxes nostalgic for the days he would wake up early and order breakfast for Ryan Kesler. Alex Burrows laments the absence of Mason Raymond, who always made sure he woke up on time. And Keith Ballard insists that the little get-togethers the Canucks defencemen have while on the road are not slumber parties, saying, “Don’t be too creepy.”

It’s hard to notice how excellent the article is, however, when the picture at the head of it is a truly fantastic photoshop from the Sun photo department depicting Bieksa and Kesler as Sesame Street roommates Bert and Ernie. Behold, the masterpiece:

Seriously, that’s incredible.

Gillis and Gilman scouting college ranks

A whole lot of fuss was made over Mike Gillis and Laurence Gilman visiting Washington and taking in a Capitals game on Sunday. It turned out to be a whole lot of fuss over nothing, as both sides denied talking to each other about a trade. Instead, Gillis and Gilman were on the east coast to scout college players and decided to do a little scouting of the Eastern Conference while they were there.

Bob McKenzie revealed that the Canucks were looking at Yale forward Antoine Laganiere, a player who has been on the Canucks’ radar for some time, attending their prospect camp as an invitee in 2011. Here’s what I had to say about him at the time:

At 6’4″, Laganiere is the tallest of the invitee skaters, but he also has skill to go with his size, scoring 23 points in 50 games in two years with the deep Bulldogs. Prior to heading to Yale, Laganiere put up 66 points in 50 games with Deerfield Academy and was ranked 126th amongst North American skaters by Central Scouting heading into the 2008 entry draft. In his second year of eligibility, Laganiere was ranked 176th amongst North American skaters in the midterm rankings, but slipped right off the board by the end of the season. He will need to have much stronger Junior and Senior seasons if he hopes to earn an NHL contract right out of college, but this camp is an opportunity for him to get on the Canucks radar.

Laganiere did exactly what he needed to do after attending the prospect camp, scoring 19 goals and 33 points in 35 games in his Junior year. So far this season, he has 23 points in 22 games and has attracted attention from a number of NHL teams. It’s easy to see why a 6’4″ player putting up a point-per-game in the NCAA would garner some suitors.

One of the key trends from Gillis’s term as GM is how he has gone after undrafted free agents to fill in gaps in the Canucks’ prospect pool. He signed Chris Tanev and Aaron Volpatti, along with Evan Oberg and Eric Walsky, straight out of college. He made a pitch to Justin Schultz as well, without success. Outside of the college ranks, Gillis signed Darren Archibald, Evan McEneny, Sebastian Erixon, and Eddie Lack as undrafted free agents.

It’s clear that Gillis again intends to go the college route to bolster a prospect pool that has suffered from picking late in the entry draft. Canucks Army dug up the name Jeremy Langlois as well from the games that Gillis and Gilman attended, a player who attended the Canucks’ 2012 prospect camp as an invitee. He is also putting up a point-per-game in his Senior year and is a player to keep an eye on.

TV-headed Canucks fan chimes in on potential Luongo trade

This segment from BCIT Magazine seems perfectly normal, at first. Michelle Seo interviews a number of average Vancouverites about a potential Luongo trade, with a wide range of responses. But then, about 50 seconds in, magic happens:

Thank you, TV-headed dude/dudette. You are the lone voice of truth in this crazy, mixed-up world.

Chloe Ezra designs adorable Canucks stickers

As long-time Bulies will know, we are big fans of Chloe Ezra and her artistic doings. Now she has taken it upon herself to design adorable stickers of the Canucks and we love them.

Chloe plans to make the stickers available for sale in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that happens. Well, not quite as soon as it happens, because we’ll need to make sure that our order gets in first.

Calgary Flames’ goaltending situation provides some perspective for Canucks fans

The next time you’re feeling overly impatient about the Canucks’ goaltending conundrum, a dire situation in which they’re saddled with two quality goaltenders and are having a hard time finding playing time for one of them because the other’s playing so well, just take a look at the bottom of the Western Conference. There, you’ll find the Calgary Flames, who can offer a little helpful perspective.

Two weeks after shedding backup Henrik Karlsson, the Flames lost Miikka Kiprusoff to a lower-body injury after a collision with Detroit’s Johan Franzen. Suddenly, a team that had three goalies a month ago, as well as a firmly entrenched starter, only had one. Danny Taylor was quickly signed from the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat to bring them back to two, but until Kiprusoff comes back, the Flames are looking to Leland Irving and Danny Taylor to help them stay within shouting distance of the rest of the Conference. That seems a touch more dire than the Canucks’ situation.

With Schneider starting Thursday night against the Minnesota Wild, each Canucks goaltender will have 5 starts, equating to a 50/50 split between the two. Sorry, let me correct that: a controversial 50/50 split.

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    The thing I love about Chloe’s style when she’s making Canucks-related stuff is that in spite of the gorgeous simplicity, almost everyone is perfectly recognizable. I mean, how can a few shapes thrown together truly resemble Alex Burrows specifically? And yet they do…

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