‘Dale Weise follies’ proves at least one Canucks fan isn’t sold on Weise’s strong play [VIDEO]

There haven’t been a lot of bright spots for the Vancouver Canucks through their first two games, but I think most observers can agree that Dale Weise has been one of them. His strong play versus both Edmonton and Anaheim came as a surprise to just about everybody, Dutch fans excluded. It was so noticeable that Mike Gillis mentioned him in a recent sitdown with Cam Cole, and on Tuesday, Alain Vigneault promoted him to a line with Mason Raymond and Jordan Schroeder. (Or maybe he demoted Mason Raymond. We’re not quite sure.)

Weise even landed on the front page of NHL.com Tuesday, although, unfortunately, it was for the image you see above. Yes, Weise had a few lesser moments as well over the Canucks’ first weekend. Granted, it was easy to overlook them when he was making things happen at both ends of the ice, but apparently, one Canucks fan decided it was time to throw a little water on all the Dale Weise love. Youtube user “4skinWillie” — who we’ll infer from his username is 12 years old — has put together a brief collection of those lesser moments Sunday night versus Edmonton. It’s totally uncalled for. But it’s also pretty funny.

Poor Dale Weise.

My Mom used to make this one face when she knew she wasn’t supposed to approve of something I did, but she also found it amusing. That’s pretty much the face this video coaxed out of me. That was mean. But… hilarious.

Anyway. It’s probably a good thing that this guy isn’t in charge of editing game tape for the players. No one would have any confidence left by the time he was through with them.

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  1. bestbehaviour
    January 23, 2013

    Hmmm… maybe I just don’t understand the game well enough, but it looks to me just like a couple of mistimings in hits given/taken, which you see all the time in hockey – if they only went for hits (and goals) they were absolutely sure they’d make, I think there would be a lot less action in the sport. I mean, if you’d just showed me the video without the titles and article, I would have thought it was just a few plays strung together; I wouldn’t have noticed any comedy value.

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