NHL insider Mike Gillis breaks Alex Edler re-signing

There are dozens of people on Twitter claiming to be NHL insiders, with sources inside very organization. They’re essentially all frauds and charlatans. The only trustworthy sources of information are generally guys like Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie, who keep in touch with a vast array of contacts around the league and whose reputations are on the line every time they make a call.

But there’s one Twitter account that has repeatedly beat the mainstream media to the punch on several signings related to the Canucks and clearly has a source deep inside the organization: @GMMikeGillis. This anonymous insider doesn’t tweet much, but he also hasn’t been wrong about a signing yet – an impressive track record.

Friday night, @GMMikeGillis broke the news that the Vancouver Canucks have re-signed defenceman Alex Edler, well before it was tweeted out by the likes of Pierre LeBrun and Nick Kypreos. As I’m writing this, Dreger and McKenzie haven’t even reported on the signing yet, an impressive coup.

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A bipolar Canucks season preview: reasons for optimism and pessimism in 2013

We try to keep a pretty even keel here at Pass it to Bulis. The Canucks’ fanbase tends to swing wildly from one extreme to the other, from hope, faith, and happiness to outright despair, despondency, and hopelessness. We aim for somewhere in the middle. If we seem overly positive at times, it’s generally because there’s a lot to be positive about: the Canucks have finished in first place during the regular season twice in a row, have won the Northwest Division four times in a row, and we have seen the Sedin twins win back-to-back Art Ross trophies.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of things to be gloomy about: the Canucks haven’t won a single Stanley Cup in their existence, for instance, which is the kind of thing that leads to perpetual cynicism. The Canucks are also going to be trading away the best goaltender in franchise history in the near-future, which has led to a few tears.

So, heading into the 2012-13 season, there are both reasons for optimism and causes for concern. It is time for PITB to eschew rationality and embrace both extremes in this bipolar season preview.

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Canucks make final training camp cuts, give the Wolves their team back

With opening night only a day away, the Canucks made their final training camp cuts Friday, trimming the roster down to the league maximum 23.

It was simple, really: they just gave the Chicago Wolves their team back.

The Canucks had borrowed 9 members of their AHL affiliate for training camp, not so much to actually give them a shot to make the team, but so they’d have enough guys to stage a scrimmage on Wednesday and Thursday night in anticipation for the real action on Saturday. Friday morning, they sent home 8 of them: Peter “Laser Eyes” Andersson, Darren Archibald, Joe “Debbie Downer” Cannata, Kevin Connauton, Andrew “Escaped mental patient” Gordon, Derek Joslin, Anton Rodin, and Bill Sweatt.

Of course, there was a few notable absences among this group. Jordan Schroeder and Zack Kassian didn’t catch the private jet home.

Schroeder was a surprise. A night after doing what some thought to be the impossible — turning Mason Raymond into an unstoppable scoring machine — it appeared as though Schroeder had done the truly impossible by convincing Alain Vigneault that the Canucks should ice a raw rookie over a trusted veteran in the top-six. Did he make the team?

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Guest post: Notes on a scrimmage, January 17, 2013

The Canucks closed out their two-game scrimmage series Thursday night at Rogers Arena, and once again, we were unable to be there. On Wednesday night, we turned things over to award-winning Vancouver Sun columnist Cam Cole, who shared his scattered but kind of awesome notes with us on this very blog. Smartly, however, he turned down a repeat appearance. After all, blog once, and you’re a highly-respect journalist doing the underlings a favour. Blog twice and you’re a blogger. There is no greater shame.

Fortunately, reader and longtime Bulie Dan Donkers volunteered to fill in for him. Granted, Donkers hasn’t won two George Gross awards, but the self-described “freckled hurricane” still managed to meet our stringent criteria: not asking for money. Thus, we turn things over to Mr. Donkers for a few notes on last night’s game, which saw Mason Raymond lead Team Grey to a 3-0 win.

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