Cole’s Notes: Canucks Scrimmage, January 16, 2012

Wednesday night’s scrimmage was the first quasi-game action for the Canucks since the Bieksa’s Buddies charity game in October. There was a little less excitement about this one, however, as we have the promise of actual games in the near future.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the game to warm up our I Watched This Game muscles in anticipation of the start of the season, so expect some strained groins on the weekend. A number of Vancouver Sun writers, however, were in attendance, and we asked a few to send us some notes. Cam Cole, one of the finest and most well-respected sports writers in Canada, was happy to oblige.

Turns out his notes are kind of a crazy, awesome mess. Here is a peek into the mind and process of Cam Cole as PITB shares the first ever edition of Cole’s Notes.

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Watch ‘Luongo unchained’, the greatest Luongo-based movie trailer parody ever [VIDEO]

Shortly after the NHL lockout ended, the Luongo-to-Toronto action heated up. No trade was made, of course, and with the roster moves the Leafs are currently making, it looks like the deal might be falling apart. But, whether or not this oft-rumoured deal ever actually happens, I think we can all agree that the drama surrounding it has been immensely entertaining, especially in the days surrounding Brian Burke’s firing, which was said to be influenced in some way by the whole Luongo mess. You’d have thought we were watching a movie.

Now it is one, as Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming have teamed up for yet another comedy video, the brilliant, “Luongo Unchained”. The perfect title alone is worth a click, and I promise everything else lives up to that high standard. This thing is wall-to-wall comedy.

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The Canuck headshot awards, starring escaped mental patient Andrew Gordon

Canucks’ training camp opened on Sunday, which means that we are, finally, within days of actual NHL action. But there’s another reason to get exciting about the first gathering of Vancouver’s rosters and prospects of the 2013 campaign: picture day, where the team stockpiles its official headshots for the coming year.

Picture day always lead to unintentional comedy. Most of the guys would rather be anywhere else. Very few actually prepare for it. And, judging from any year’s results, the players are given no direction as to what to do with their faces. Some smile. Some glower. Some lower their head. Some raise it. And some stare past the lens, directly into the soul of anyone who views the photo later on.

Granted, none of the Canucks’ photos can match the weird hippie look Rick “Sunshine King” DiPietro brought to the table, or the full Wookiee that Brent Burns finally achieved this year, but the legendary Jeff Vinnick still managed to snap some pretty good ones. We’d like to highlight a few in our first annual headshot awards.

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