Lululemon weighs in on this whole Roberto Luongo thing, finally

Considering the unsightly (but damned catchy!) shenanigans I got up to during the lockout, I had hoped to steer clear of yoga pants for a little while. But alas, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

You’re looking at the window display of the Metrotown Lululemon, otherwise knows as Yoga Pants Mecca (seriously, all the yoga studios in Vancouver face it). And no, that isn’t a typo. The sign has a few extra U’s, which we’re going to assume is intentional. Take a better look at it.

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Help us, Mason Raymond, you’re our only hope

Last season, Mason Raymond wasn’t even on the second line. Now he’s the only one left on it. The stone the builder’s rejected has become the cornerstone, in other words, and people are straight-up concerned. Nay, they’re worried. Perhaps even noivous.

With Ryan Kesler still recovering from all the surgeries, the second line to start the season was meant to be one of Jordan Schroeder or Andrew Ebbett between Raymond and David Booth. In many ways, Raymond was only on the second line by default, as Vigneault appeared to want Chris Higgins and Jannik Hansen on the third line. Now, by default, he’ll be the one on that line with the most NHL experience.

He lost a lot of fans with his lacklustre performance over the last couple seasons, but now everybody loves Raymond (because there is no one else to love).

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Is this the saddest Roberto Luongo tribute ever? [VIDEO]

They may well have been the silent majority in the past, but the seeming inevitability of a trade has brought the Roberto Luongo fans out of the woodwork. It feels like we’ve seen more ardent defence of the Canucks netminder in the past eight months than in his previous four seasons combined.

The long, drawn-out nature of the lockout has only made things harder for Luongo fans, like slowly peeling off a band-aid from a particularly hairy part of the leg. Just ripping it off in one motion is preferable: it hurts more in the moment, but the pain fades over time. Now Luongo might stay with the team for the entire season, with the expectation that he’ll be gone in the summer, which is somehow even worse. Imagine an entire season of Luongo showing Canucks fans exactly what they love about him, all the while knowing that he won’t be staying.

That’s what makes this tribute video by YouTube user RanaTA87 so appropriate. It shows Luongo in both his moments of despair and his moments of glory, his triumphs and his tragedies. Set to “One Love” by U2, it is simultaneously painfully melodramatic and just melodramatic enough.

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