Just as Canuck fans decide he’s necessary, David Booth turns up injured

David Booth isn’t particularly popular among Canucks fans. His twin habits of hunting and tweeting about hunting have not endeared him to Vancouver’s more lovey-dovey population (that is, those who love doves and other assorted animals). Moreover, his conservative Christianity and tendency to express that conservative Christianity publicly were intolerable to those who preach tolerance.

Throughout the lockout, I saw calls for the Canucks to trade him immediately, while others suggested using one of the amnesty buyouts that the new CBA would surely provide to send him packing. The public sentiment appeared to be: Get. Him. Out of here.

Then the lockout ended. Hockey returned. Training camp started. And Booth came down with a groin strain and went in for an MRI on Monday. Suddenly, Booth wasn’t so easily dispensable, as Canucks fans remembered that with both Ryan Kesler and Booth injured, the Canucks are down to having just one-third of a second line.

Without hockey, it was easy to advocate getting rid of a player for non-hockey reasons. As soon as hockey came back, people seemed to remember that Booth is pretty good at it and the Canucks probably want him around.

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Highly-anticipated first weekend of roster moves results in… Cam Barker and Jim Vandermeer

After one final day of legal dithering, the NHL finally got around to finalizing their new CBA late Friday night, and at midnight on the East coast, the rosters were unfrozen. Hockey fans had been waiting for this moment for four months, but it was finally here. Considering GMs had had 119 days to chat with one another informally and only a week to improve their roster before opening night, a flurry of moves was expected over the weekend. Many braced themselves for a sexy and exciting time.

I mean, heck, considering everything we’d heard about Roberto Luongo — the silly season that the entire last week had been and all the rumours that a deal was forthcoming the instant deals were allowed to be forthcoming — would he even remain a Canuck for one night? Most thought he’d be somewhere else by the time they woke up and, unwilling to miss it, refused to go to bed.

Unfortunately, instead of shocking moves calling for snap analysis, Canuck fans got Jim Vandermeer, LVP of the Bieksa’s Buddies charity game, and Cam “Franklin” Barker.

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Clay Imoo and friends present ‘Season of Cup’, which features insane vocals [VIDEO]

We’ve been known to sing our emotions here at Pass it to Bulis. Between “Lockout Man”, “I Want a Girl Like Trevor Linden”, “Song For Nelson Ong”, and “Call the Union”, I think you could argue that we’re one of the most musical hockey blogs around.

But we’re not the only Canuck fans known to occasionally drop a single. Clay Imoo, a member of the cast of superfriends over at Canucks Hockey Blog, is undoubtedly the Smylosphere’s reigning king of pop. In his series, “Clay’s Canucks Commentary”, The man takes to his Yamaha, assembles a roster of guest vocalists fit for a hip hop album, and delivers musical triumphs with stunning regularity.

On Monday, Imoo dropped his first new Canucks fan jam of 2013. “Season of Cup” is a take on “Seasons of Love” from Rent, and if we thought we could carry a tune here at PITB, well, compared to the vocal quartet Imoo’s assembled for this one, we may as well be Wesley Willis. This is some insane singing.

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