Unreal Canucks Gif Tournament: ‘Sedins in sync’ vs. ‘Henrik Sedin, drum major’

Introducing the Unreal Canucks GIF Tournament, a quest to determine which Canucks GIF is the greatest in existence. We’ve narrowed it down to 32 candidates, divided into four divisions then seeded, one through eight. Now we need your help. An important note: this isn’t just something to do while the players and the owners waste time bickering over who should get what’s left of the money they’re burning — it’s also a super-important initiative. After all, if we don’t do this, how else will we know? AND WE MUST KNOW.



(1) We call this gif SEDINS IN SYNC.

This gif has rolled through the first two rounds, taking nearly 90% of the vote in Round 1 and nearly 80% in Round 2, and it’s little wonder. I mean, look at those two, looking the same, doing the same thing at the same time, as though they’re the same person. It’s uncanny. You could could practice this routine with a friend for hours, and I bet you still wouldn’t be able to make it look this effortless.

(2) We call this gif HENRIK SEDIN, DRUM MAJOR.

Speaking of effortless, Henrik Sedin’s mid-air stick snag is just deliciously low-key. The number two seeds in the Sedin division has had a little tougher go of it than its opponent, eking out a second-round win with just six votes, but it’s here, just as we expected. Can it eke out another big win? It’s in tough, but we know that the gif won’t lose its composure under pressure. ‘Drum major’ is the chillest gif around.


OKAY. Now let’s vote.

Voting closes at midnight.




  1. jenny wren
    December 31, 2012

    Better than both is Lappy’s “Woo!”
    But I’ve to choose between these two:

    The twins Sedin almost in sync,
    Do watch the play beside the rink:
    “Their movements are so much the same!”
    Dear Jenny Wren did just exclaim.
    And I admit like her I see
    Unprompted synchronicity!
    It is a gif deserving praise
    As it continues to amaze.

    A stick comes flying through the air
    To H. Sedin who’s simply there:
    “It’s snatched with such surprising ease!
    Ne’er were two gifs the like of these!”
    Then once again the stick in flight,
    “Casually caught!” to her delight!
    This gif’s eye-catching appeal
    Is borderline somewhat surreal.

    Before I looked how others chose
    I thought to you I would disclose:
    As Daniel’s glove’s a bit behind,
    To vote for it I’m disinclined.
    So HNY PITB!
    The second is the gif for me.

    The Olde Coot

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
    Rating: +5 (from 5 votes)
  2. the olde coot
    December 31, 2012

    At this point there’s forty-three
    Who clearly think the same as we
    Two-hundred others were inclined
    “Sedins in sync” to get behind
    Bar overturning lack of taste
    The better gif will go to waste.

    Jenny Wren

    VA:F [1.9.16_1159]
    Rating: +5 (from 5 votes)