Watch Cory Schneider get bamboozled by Patrick Kane’s infamous fiftuple deke [VIDEO]

Like Christmas, Patrick Kane’s deke-tastic shootout move seems to only come but once a year (and appears to be a December special). The Chicago Blackhawks’ winger first debuted the move on December 14, 2011, drifting in slow, making more stickhandles in one rush up-ice than some guys make in a career, then beating a fully-undressed Niklas Backstrom.

Kane was forced to take his talent overseas due to the lockout this year, meaning his special move came not as a Blackhawk but as a member of Switzerland’s EHC Biel. The opponent: HC Ambri-Piotta, whose pipes are currently being minded by our very own Cory Schneider. Here’s the C-wall getting dismantled by Kane’s “Gordon Bombay on narcotics” hyper-dangles.

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Mason ‘Excellence’ Raymond unable to stay off feet, ironically; signs with Orebro in Sweden

Mason Raymond is known for his struggles to stay on his feet. It is his burden. But on Thursday, in a grand cosmic irony, we learned that the Canuck winger was having a hard time staying off his feet.

It’s for this reason that Raymond has become the fourth Canuck to say nuts to this noise and head overseas, signing a month-long deal with Örebro of Sweden’s HockeyAllsvenskan, the nation’s second-tier league.

(Again, that’s Örebro. Not to be confused with ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail, or Cerebro, the mutant location device built by Professor Xavier and Magneto. Also, Örebro is not, as some have suggested, Oregon for bros.)

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Unreal Canucks Gif Tournament: ‘Dhalsim Punch’ vs. ‘Superman Punch’

Continuing the Unreal Canucks GIF Tournament, a quest to determine which Canucks GIF is the greatest in existence. We’ve narrowed it down to 32 candidates, divided into four divisions then seeded, one through eight. Now we need your help. An important note: this isn’t just something to do while the players and the owners waste time bickering over who should get what’s left of the money they’re burning — it’s also a super-important initiative. After all, if we don’t do this, how else will we know? AND WE MUST KNOW.

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