David Booth responds to heated debate over his beliefs with Bible verses, of course

When it comes down to it, I think we’d all prefer to be debating David Booth the player than David Booth the prayer right about now, but as long as the day’s progress in CBA negotiations is little more than Bill Daly saying “yes” to a yes or no question about whether or not there will be a season and Donald Fehr saying “I hope he’s right”, hockey is still a ways off.

Thus, we have all the time in the world to have arguments about who David Booth is off the ice.

I said my piece yesterday and I stand by it. I disagree with the vast majority of what David Booth says, but I don’t think he merits the overreactions and attacks his words often draw. The guy’s usage of Twitter may be a public relations fiasco; he may be leaving himself completely wide open for attacks; and, he may align himself with some public figures — Mike Huckabee, Ravi Zacharias — that have espoused a handful of opinions I find loathsome (although I would remind that Booth has not pushed any these opinions himself), but the utter contempt some people spew at him is tactless and unnecessary nonetheless.

But here’s the thing: speaking of respectful disagreement, that piece saw plenty. And the discussion eventually made it around to Booth himself.

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Unreal Canucks Gif Tournament: ‘Sedins in sync’ vs. ‘Daniel Sedin, soccer star’

Introducing the Unreal Canucks GIF Tournament, a quest to determine which Canucks GIF is the greatest in existence. We’ve narrowed it down to 32 candidates, divided into four divisions then seeded, one through eight. Now we need your help. An important note: this isn’t just something to do while the players and the owners waste time bickering over who should get what’s left of the money they’re burning — it’s also a super-important initiative. After all, if we don’t do this, how else will we know? AND WE MUST KNOW.

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