Unreal Canucks Gif Tournament: First Round Results

The first round of PITB’s first ever Unreal Canucks Gif Tournament has drawn to a close and it was everything we hoped it would be: fun, dramatic, and exciting, but most of all, a welcome respite from the doom and gloom of the ongoing NHL lockout.

There were a number of close battles and tight races, as well as a fair share of upsets. A few of our favourite gifs got eliminated. I swear, Harrison wept when “Luongo gives birth to Bieksa” got knocked out by “Good Night Detroit.” I was distraught to see “Maxim Lapierre’s Low-Five” brought low by the humble simplicity of “Woo!” But that is the beauty of this contest: what the people want, the people get.

Below, you will find complete results of the first round of voting, as well as match-ups for the second round, which is when things will really get interesting. Will any of our powerhouse number one seeds go down in the second round? Can any gif beat “Jarkko Ruutu, huge jerk”? Stay tuned.

Kesler Division – Round One Results

(1) Lord of the Dance (72.85%)
(8) Burrows wasn’t even paying attention (27.15%)

(2) Daniel Sedin gets Keslurked (79.42%)
(7) Hockey two-step (20.58%)

(3) Maxim Lapierre’s Low-Five (38.04%)
(6) Woo! (61.96%)

(4) Ryan Kesler, Lord of the Pommel Horse (62.14%)
(5) Keslurk Workout (37.86%)

The results of the Kesler Division proceeded about as expected, with the battle between Maxim Lapierre gifs being the lone upset. Perhaps voters were being subliminally suggested after seeing “Woo!” in our header image for the past couple weeks. Other than that result, the higher seed won handily in each other match-up.

Kesler Division – Round Two Battles:

(1) Lord of the Dance
(6) Woo!

(2) Daniel Sedin gets Keslurked
(4) Ryan Kesler, Lord of the Pommel Horse

Luongo Division - Round One Results

(1) Luongo likes it, puts ring on it (62.61%)
(8) Edler crushes Doughty (37.39%)

(2) Luongo gives birth to Bieksa (45.18%)
(7) Good night Detroit (54.82%)

(3) Hamhuis’ perfect hipcheck (48.02%)
(6) Luongo’s oh face (51.98%)

(4) Schneider makes a weird face (15.37%)
(5) Roberto Luongo, handsome person (84.63%)

Luongo apparently loves upsets, as the only higher seed to win was the powerhouse number one seed. The Luongo Division had a couple close battles in the middle ranks, including the massive upset of the number two seed by “Good night Detroit,” which will be in tough in the second round against “Luongo likes it, puts ring on it. The biggest winner of the division was “Roberto Luongo, handsome person,” which absolutely destroyed “Schneider makes a weird face.”

Luongo Division – Round Two Battles:

(1) Luongo likes it, puts ring on it
(7) Good night Detroit

(5) Roberto Luongo, handsome person
(6) Luongo’s oh face

Bieksa Division - Round One Results

(1) Jarkko Ruutu, huge jerk (96.32%)
(8) Kevin Bieksa is…the finisher (3.68%)

(2) Dhalsim Punch (53.73%)
(7) Kevin Bieksa’s irresistible tush (46.27%)

(3) Stop It (49.92%)
(6) Jannik Hansen, infrequent goal-scorer (50.08%)

(4) Superman Punch (73.67%)
(5) Bieksa spins right round (like a record) (26.33%)

As expected, “Jarkko Ruutu, huge jerk” crushed its competition, with some suggesting that we crown it champion immediately. It will face some tough competition as the tournament continues, however, starting with the winner of the battle between the best two Jannik Hansen gifs on the internet. This was easily the closest battle of round one as it amazingly came down to just one vote. Ultimately, Hansen’s slapstick post-goal antics barely pulled off the upset. The other round two battle will be between the two punches, Dhalsim and Superman.

Bieksa Division – Round Two Battles:

(1) Jarkko Ruutu, huge jerk
(6) Jannik Hansen, infrequent goal-scorer

(2) Dhalsim Punch
(4) Superman Punch

Sedin Division - Round One Results

(1) Sedins in sync (87.04%)
(8) Can I kick it? (12.96%)

(2) Henrik Sedin, drum major (65.1%)
(7) Henrik’s like this, but Daniel’s like that (34.9%)

(3) Clutterbuck punches linesman (38.76%)
(6) Daniel Sedin, soccer star (61.24%)

(4) Swedish twins getting down (57.06%)
(5) L.A. Kings force a turnover (42.94%)

I just noticed now, but the six seed won in every single division. This time, it was the sublime skill of “Daniel Sedin, soccer star” beating out the slapstick comedy of “Clutterbuck punches linesman.” It will be in tough in the second round against number one seed “Sedins in sync,” which crushed “Can I kick it?” Is it en route to a battle in the finals with “Jarkko Ruutu, huge jerk”?

Sedin Division – Round Two Battles:

(1) Sedins in sync
(6) Daniel Sedin, soccer star

(2) Henrik Sedin, drum major
(4) Swedish twins getting down


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  1. jenny wren
    December 13, 2012

    It’s sixteen now from thirty-two:
    I give the edge to Lappy’s “Woo”,
    And Kessler on the Pommel horse
    Is up on Keslurking of course.

    Bobby Lu tells Detroit good night,
    And his “Oh” face will win alright.
    As well I know it’s not a hunch,
    It’s for sure Bieksa’s punch.

    Henrik’s catching the flying stick:
    Bottom line Clutterbuck’s a ______ .
    I like the celebratory fall,
    But Ruutu’s gif could win it all.

    Although it’s undecided yet,
    “Sedin’s in sync” ‘s my final bet!

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    Rating: +3 (from 7 votes)