Unreal Canucks GIF Tournament: ‘Luongo likes it, puts ring on it’ vs. ‘Edler crushes Doughty’

Introducing the Unreal Canucks GIF Tournament, a quest to determine which Canucks GIF is the greatest in existence. We’ve narrowed it down to 32 candidates, divided into four divisions then seeded, one through eight. Now we need your help. An important note: this isn’t just something to do while the players and the owners waste time bickering over who should get what’s left of the money they’re burning — it’s also a super-important initiative. After all, if we don’t do this, how else will we know? AND WE MUST KNOW.



(1) We call this gif LUONGO LIKES IT, PUTS RING ON IT.

“Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,” a wise man once said. “One of the best videos of all time!” Kanye West may have chosen an awkward moment to make the proclamation, but he was certainly correct that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video had a much greater impact than, well, any video Taylor Swift has ever made. I mean, has Roberto Luongo ever danced to Taylor Swift? (Well, probably, but there isn’t a gif of it.) And even if he did, we doubt it would be as memorable as Luongo’s Sasha Fierce impression. Slick moves, Funny Bob.

(8) We call this gif EDLER CRUSHES DOUGHTY.

This gif tells the simple story of Drew Doughty, a man that wanted to score a goal, Alex Edler, the man that wanted to prevent him from doing so, and the beautiful, explosive moment their two dreams came to a head. We can’t all be astronauts, Doughty.


OKAY. Now let’s vote.


Voting closes at midnight.




  1. Ben
    December 3, 2012

    Raffi Torres-esque launch check there by Edler.

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    • Harrison Mooney
      December 3, 2012

      It’s actually a clean hit. He doesn’t catch air until after he makes contact.

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  2. Canucklehead_in_T.O.
    December 3, 2012

    I’ve got a feeling anything featuring Funny Bob is going to be pretty impossible to beat in this tournament.

    Because Funny Bob is the best, and I miss him already (even though he very awkwardly hasn’t left yet…) and soon-to-be nostalgia is a powerful thing…

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  3. Brosef Stalin
    December 3, 2012

    Sorry Lu, but that LAK series isn’t long enough ago for me to not get a little euphoric rush every time I see a King have terrible things happen to them.

    I’m sure there will be other good Lu gifs, but anything involving Doughty getting his clock cleaned is better in my books

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  4. MaggieLizer
    December 3, 2012

    As much as I love seeing Edler crush Doughty – man, that’s Luongo dancing to Single Ladies. Come on.

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  5. jenny wren
    December 3, 2012

    The Saturday night flock out
    To discuss this lousy lockout
    Assembling at the Nestle Inn
    With Mason jars of bathtub gin

    We took a taste and all agreed
    The whole damn thing is based on greed
    “It’s a billion dollar pie
    Beyond the dreams of you and I.”

    “And profit is the golden calf
    Each side wanting the bigger half.”
    “Somehow I think it kind of funny
    That both sides now are losing money.”

    “What’s not amusing’s I can’t see
    Canucks tonight on my TV.”
    “They still remain so far apart
    It pains my Achy Breaky Heart.”

    Along into the eve we went
    Trying to ease our discontent
    Whining away in woeful verse
    The only way we can converse

    “Happy when hockey’s back again?
    Go read Ellen on hockey zen.”
    “An excellent post I say myself
    It’s there for you on Backhand Shelf.”

    “I read that Buddhist bullshit post
    Could be she’s right at least almost.”
    “I know I suffer when we lose
    Especially to the lowly Blues.”

    “’Twas last year’s loss to ‘bleep’ LA
    The pain I felt won’t go away.”
    “You have to learn to meditate
    For good things come to those who wait.”

    “I’ve waited now for forty years
    And still no Cup, just Donald Fehrs.”
    And on and on into the night
    Until we saw the morning light

    Jen Wren (with addled additions by The Olde Coot, Chicken Chick, Whisky Jack, Chicken Hawk, Dawn Duck and Gretchen Grouse)

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  6. PetriSkriko
    December 3, 2012

    If you liked it then you should have made a gif of it.

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  7. Sans
    December 3, 2012

    no silly dance will ever beat true-blue playoff badass for me

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  8. pooroldbearandelkandducksandunicorn
    December 4, 2012

    Thanks for the tip-offs on what (on Earth) Luongo was doing there – I was mystified.

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