Apparently, Eddie Lack has a signature dance move (VIDEO)

The NHL lockout has forced many Canucks fans to turn to the AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves for their hockey fix, and for many, this has yielded a valuable discovery. If you thought Cory Schneider was a likeable cat — and he is, to be certain — he’s got nothing on the next guy on the Canucks’ depth chart. Eddie Lack may be the Canucks’ third-stringer in goal, but when it comes to the Canucks’ all-Twitter team, he’s… well, actually, he’s still not the starter.

But he’s in the top two. Eddie Lack is a full-blown character.

And, like all great characters — Bart Simpson, Steve Urkel, Elaine Benes, the Bluth family, Carlton Banks, and me – Lack apparently has a signature dance. I give you: the Lack dance.

Okay then. So it’s no dance of joy. It’s definitely not Lisa Turtle’s The Sprain, either. And heck, it has nothing on whatever the Hell Alex Edler is doing in this clip from 2007.

Aw. R.I.P., Luc.

But! The Lack dance is a great deal less complicated than any of these superior dances, which makes it the ideal dance for a Youtube video competition. The Canucks are urging fans to upload video responses of them performing Lack’s game-winning dance for the chance to win a signed Eddie Lack Wolves jersey. Get all the details here.

In the meantime, here are some outtakes from creepily-moustachioed Lack’s super-awkward clip:

What a weird dude.

In closing, is it just me, or is Lack beginning to bear a weird resemblance to Chris Cooper’s John Laroche character from the film Adaptation?

That’s uncanny.

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