Zack Kassian suspended for one game for ‘his actions’ [VIDEO]

The American Hockey League has suspended Canucks prospect Zack Kassian for one game, but are being remarkably vague about the reason why. Their official press release only indicates that the suspension is “a consequence of his actions during a game at Charlotte on Nov. 6.”

The Wolves, when contacted, indicated that as far as they know, the suspension is for accidentally running into an official on his way off the ice after taking a second period penalty, which sounds relatively innocuous. While pushing or hitting an official would certainly earn a suspension, players accidentally bump into officials all the time while on the ice. It seems certain that there’s more to the story.

Paul LaTour of the Chicago Tribune floated his theory that the suspension is for throwing his stick in the penalty box, hitting the off-ice official and cutting him.

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Report: Pavel Bure’s jersey not going to be retired, but he was still insanely good at hockey

Earlier today, we weighed in on Jason Botchford’s article reporting that the Vancouver Canucks were planning to send Pavel Bure’s number 10 to the rafters. Our take: it’s about flippin’ time. Bure may not have been as well-liked in Vancouver as the other three gentlemen whose names hang in Rogers Arena, but he was better at hockey, and since hockey honours are about hockey ability — not about who you would rather share a airplane ride with — Bure should be up there. (In the rafters, not an airplane.)

Of course, this is a very divisive issue and, shortly after we published, Vancouver Sun columnist Iain MacIntyre went live with a take of his own. In it, he argued Bure doesn’t deserve the honour, explaining that the criteria for jersey retirement in Vancouver differs from that of Hockey Hall of Fame induction.

But MacIntyre’s take had an added wrinkle: not only should Bure’s jersey not be retired — it isn’t about to be.

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Report: Pavel Bure’s jersey to be retired, because he was insanely good at hockey

Pavel Bure made his NHL debut as a member of the Vancouver Canucks on November 5, 1991. It was a month into the 1991-21 schedule, but Bure was unable to join the team from the outset because the Canucks still had to settle a transfer dispute with his Russian club, Central Red Army. Once the two sides settled on a one-time cash payment of $250,000 in a Detroit court in late October (one-fifth of which was paid by Bure himself), Bure could finally make his long-awaited and memorable debut.

And speaking of big Novembers brought about by long, cumbersome delays by franchises being haughty and stubborn: it would appear the Russian Rocket will be informed this weekend by Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini of the team’s plans to finally retire his jersey.

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