Hungry like the Wolves: Ice the Hogs, then split with Checkers

Hungry like the Wolves is an ongoing feature on Pass it to Bulis during the lockout, wherein we keep an eye on the Canucks prospects and property currently playing for the Wolves as it’s the closest thing we’re going to get to Canucks hockey for quite some time.

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The continuing adventures of Dale Weise in the Netherlands, which still eludes him on maps (VIDEO)

Welcome back to Pass it to Weise, the hockey blog that, no thanks to this unbelievably stupid lockout, has descended almost exclusively into updates about Dale Weise’s tour of duty in the Netherlands. Brace yourself for another white-knuckle ride!

Obviously, we wish it hadn’t come to this, both because Dale Weise isn’t exactly the most compelling Canuck and also because making this much fun of the comparative mediocrity of Netherlands hockey isn’t making us any friends over at the IJS Hockey Forum, a Dutch message board. (We see you talking about us, Joep Meijsen, and thanks to Google Translate, we even have a vague, choppy understanding of what you’re saying.)

But it cannot be helped. Weise is basically the only Canuck doing anything besides working out, and Jason Botchford has already written the definitive “the Canucks are working out” article. Plus, we do find it more than a little amusing what a big deal Weise is over there, not to mention how thoroughly he’s dominating the Dutch League, which appears to be about a step up from the Vatican Hockey League (where the team that has the pope usually wins because you’re not allowed to hit him, and the pope has mad dangles).

I mean, heck, here’s yet another documentary crew following Weise around as he does mundane tasks like gather groceries and try on hats.

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