Spitballin on Dale ‘Tiger’ Weise, the K-Wings doing Wham!, and the aging Sedins

Spitballin’ (or Super Pass ITBulis: All In, if you love adventurous acronymizing) is a feature that allows us to touch on a multitude of things really fast, because in the world of hockey, there are always lots of things to find and colour. Here are a few quick topics.


Dale Weise may be a skill guy now, but he still remembers how to fight

The Destil Trappers suffered their first loss of the Dale Weise era Sunday night, falling 5-0 to the Friesland Flyers. It’s sad, as it doesn’t just mean an end to the Trappers’ win streak —  it also means an end to Weise’s point streak, which was up to 15 points over 5 games thanks to a goal and an assist in a win over HYS the Hague last Thursday.

But Weise still managed to hit the scoring sheet, racking up 27 minutes in penalties, 2 for tripping, the other 25 for “fisticuffs”, according to the scoresheet.

Dale “Tiger” Weise got into it with Flyers forward Jeffrey Martens, who had an eventful game, sitting out most of the first after getting 2 and 10 for a checking from behind penalty, then scoring a goal in the second period. In the third, with the Flyers leading 4-0, Weise took out his frustration on Martens and beat the snot out of him. No video, sadly, but the photos above and below, from the Destil Trappers website, give a pretty good indication of who won the fight. Especially the one below:

He’s dusting off his hands! Have you ever seen Weise so confident after a fight?

Oh how I wish there were video of this, especially considering it could only help Weise’s reputation as a fighter on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We could have sent it to Shawn Thornton.

Don’t leave the Kalamazoo Wings hanging like a yo-yo

Hey, remember the Kalamazoo Wings? They’re the ECHL affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks, a partnership that brought out the Dr. Seuss in us back in September of 2011. Here’s an updated version of the second-best poem in PITB history:

The Canucks have a partner in Kalamazoo,
For Polasek, Prab Rai, and Archibald too
If you go to the A, but you don’t perform well,
Then you go to the K-Wings of ECHL
Where you’ll ride on a bus, or a scooter, or luge
To Alaska, or Trenton, or old Baton Rouge
And you’ll wish you’d been better than Marley O’Doo
Because then you’d be called up from Kalamazoo.

Yeah, anyway. As hockey fans lament the NHL lockout, teams from other leagues are doing what they can to remind these fans that they’re still playing, and one savvy to do that is to make a silly Youtube video. That in mind, The K-Wings — led by Canuck prospects Darren Archibald and Adam Polasek, who give this thing their all — recently debuted the following video in which they dance to 80s superhit “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”. It is ridiculous and terrible. Enjoy.

If I was the coach and I came into the weight room and saw that, I’d be like, “This is why we lose.”

“Call the Union” has yielded an unfortunate selection of gifs

Speaking of attention-grabbing Youtube videos, if you have yet to see my crowning achievement, “Call the Union”, yet, well, that’s probably for the best. But you can watch it here if you feel the need.

Not long after it debuted, people began to observe that it was ripe for the .giffing, and while this unfortunate one was quit to hit the interwebs, Connor Simpson was only happy enough to oblige on the rest. His gif collection is equal parts heinous, horrifying, and hilarious, but it’s also surprisingly diverse. Connor’s got your obligatory happy dance:

Your deep, deep yearning:

And, of course, if you want to remind people that “haters gon hate”, this will do the trick:

I should never have made that video. That said, these are going to be very useful when the lockout ends and we’re writing I Watched This Game posts again.

Did the Sedins lose a step? No. Yes. No.

And finally, if updates on Dale Weise, the Kalamazoo Wings, and my gross body don’t satisfy your cravings for Canuck news — totally understandable, that — Canucks Army is having a pretty great debate right now on whether the Sedins lost a step last season or just had a down year. Thomas Drance thinks a bounceback is on the way:

Some folks, even some folks who write at this blog, have looked at the twins’ decline in production last season and have become convinced that the Sedin twins have begun to submit to the power of father time. But looking over the data from the past five seasons, I see little evidence that the Sedin twins have “lost a step” or that last season’s slip in production represents the beginning of a downward trend in their NHL careers.

But Cam Charron, notorious wet blanket, thinks the Sedins’ gradual regression has begun:

The Sedins are very good players, but they’re human. Like all humans, they age, and like all humans who age, their abilities begin to wane with age. The more information I look at on these guys’ careers, the more sure I am that the Sedins are closer to trending downwards than upwards. Maybe another year of data, to confirm that 2010 was a clear outlier, and I’ll be a little more sure of myself, and a little less wrong when I make next season’s forecast.

I’ll weigh in briefly: I think the environment surrounding the Sedins is a major factor. The Canucks took their foot off the gas a little in the late stages of last season, the powerplay didn’t convert as often, and after a run to the Stanley Cup Final, teams have learned the ideal way to play defence against the twins. Granted, on that third point, knowing what to do against the Sedins and doing it effectively are two different animals, but the twins were a target last season in a way they weren’t in seasons prior, in my opinion. All three of these things are going to contribute to a slight step backwards in production.

I agree with Cam that Henrik’s 112-point season was an outlier. But in the same way, I think last season was too. I don’t think we saw the Sedins’ inevitable regression so much as we simply saw a subpar season. They’re capable of better production, and if the environment surrounding them is better, they’ll be better.


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    I totally agree about the Sedins, they went all the way to the finals the year before last. Even for fitness freaks like them, that’s bound to take a serious toll on you. If hockey can come back sometime this season I think they’re gonna tear it up ’cause there are a bunch of hockey players that are taking their extended off season training pretty casually.

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