Watch 10-year-old David Booth score OT winner at Brick Super Novice Hockey tournament (VIDEO)

Long before he was a Vancouver Canuck or the executioner of the great creatures of myth, David Booth was a child. It’s true. And, like, almost every 10-year-old that goes on to play in the NHL, his superior hockey skillset was on display even then.

As evidence, I submit to you this recently unearthed video of a 10-year-old Booth scoring the overtime winner in the semifinals of the 1994 Brick Super Novice Hockey tournament. That’s him, wearing number 7, just as now, and taking a feed from a young Corey Potter before dangling the opposing netminder into oblivion and sending the adorably-named Detroit Honeybaked on to the tournament final.

Terrible defensive coverage, number 27. You just lost your Lunchable on the drive home.

A couple things to note: first, even in 1994, Booth had great hands in close. Furthermore, he was already great skater, as evidenced not only by his breakaway speed but by the way he manages to stay on his feet when mobbed by his entire team. It takes a crowd-surfing attempt by the netminder to turn the mob into a dogpile.

Pay special attention to when the pile separates, by the way. That kid headbutting Booth over and over on the ice? Yeah, he’d probably be discouraged from doing that now.

Expect to see more footage from the Brick Super Novice Hockey tournament popping up in the next little while. Youtuber VEServicesLtd only showed up on the video-sharing site a month ago, but in that time, he’s already uploaded highlights of preteen Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Dion Phaneuf, Dustin Byfuglien, Jordan Eberle, and others. Sadly, Booth is the only Canuck to have played in the tournament.

Anyway. Since the lockout has severely hampered our ability to see Booth doing anything but exercising dominion over the animal kingdom, I just thought you might appreciate seeing footage of him bagging something that wasn’t once alive.

s/t to studly ginger Sean Leahy


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