Adorable Campbell River kid wants hockey back, thinks the owners and players should stop fighting (VIDEO)

Mackinley is a six-year-old girl from Campbell River, British Columbia and she loves hockey. Despite both her parents being  huge fans of the Montreal Canadiens, Mackinley has chosen the much more potentially heartbreaking path of cheering for the Vancouver Canucks. When she found out that she might not be able to watch her beloved Canucks this season, or any other NHL hockey for that matter, she was devastated.

You see, hockey holds a special place in Mackinley’s life. Her father works in a mining camp and is away from home for up to four weeks at a time, with only a two week break in between to be at home. During those times, one of the main things he and Mackinley like to do together is watch the NHL.

So Mackinley decided to do something about it. She decided that she needed to talk to the NHL and get everything sorted out.

“When I told her the other day there may not be any hockey it was like I took her favorite blanket and burned it in front of her,” said Mackinley’s mom, April. “She said to me, ‘Mommy you need to call the NHL and let me talk to them.’  I said it wasn’t that easy.”

So Mackinley asked if she could make a YouTube video, in hopes that the NHL would see it and smarten up. The video could not be any more adorable. If Gary Bettman does see it and doesn’t immediately melt into a puddle of CBA-signing goo, then he’s…doing his job. But still, he should watch the video.

“I hear you’re fighting and I don’t like that and fighting’s not good.” You tell ‘em, Mackinley.

“Every day she gets up and asks if anyone from the NHL saw her video yet,” said April, “and every day I tell her that I don’t know. But I did tell her this morning that in two days she has over 2700 views, to which she replied, that’s only good if the NHL sees it.”

So April sent the video in to Puck Daddy, hoping it would get a little more attention. It’s the very least we can do to support a good Campbell River kid and Canucks fan to share it here as well.

Listen to Mackinley, NHL and NHLPA: “Please can you bring hockey back?”


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  1. PeeSeeGee
    November 1, 2012

    My three year -old asked me when we were going to watch hockey again. I had to explain that I didn’t know. Fortunately, going to try to take her to a Giant’s game.

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