I Didn’t Watch This Game: Canucks vs Carolina Hurricanes, October 15, 2012

With the 2012-13 season in a coma (perhaps wandering about the world of The Odyssey, where no one reaches the age of 16 and tyrannical club The Tower rules over all), Monday night’s tilt between the Canucks and the Carolina Hurricanes was lost to us.

It’s a shame, too. Not only would this game have given Canuck fans an early glimpse of the new-look Carolina Hurricanes, who acquired Jordan Staal and Alex Semin over the offseason, but it would have given Canuck fans a chance to see the Sedins face off against perhaps the only pair of siblings in the NHL that could have possibly rivalled them.

That’s right: had there been a game to watch, it would have featured a full-blown clan war. But there wasn’t a game to watch, and thus, I didn’t watch this game.

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Hungry like the Wolves: Taking down the IceHogs

Hungry like the Wolves is an ongoing feature on Pass it to Bulis during the lockout, wherein we keep an eye on the Canucks prospects and property currently playing for the Wolves as it’s the closest thing we’re going to get to Canucks hockey for quite some time.

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Win two tickets to the Bieksa’s Buddies charity game by finishing this sentence

Did Kevin Bieksa orchestrate this lockout just to increase demand for his charity game?

Probably not. But it would have been a savvy move if he had, because with nothing else going on in Canuckland, tickets for Wednesday night’s tilt between Bieksa’s Buddies and the UBC Thunderbirds sold out within just a few hours on Ticketmaster Saturday.

Granted, UBC’s Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre only holds 5000 people and tickets were only $20 apiece, so it wasn’t going to take long to reach capacity in this town anyway. But Bieksa’s Buddies were an even hotter commodity than expected.
Now, if you didn’t get tickets, we would like to give you our deepest sympathies. And also two tickets.

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PITB at Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, where we also conquered the rain, the Wellwoods, and necrosis

My day started at 5 AM. I dragged myself out of bed, knowing I had a long day ahead of me. By the time I did that, however, volunteers were already hard at work putting up tents and fencing at Concord Pacific Place for Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.

Hundreds of hockey players and volunteers braved the first downpour of fall to take part in the event on Saturday. In all, there were 55 teams playing over 130 games of road hockey over the course of 8 and a half hours, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can still donate to Team PITB and we’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts over the next couple months.

Harrison and I arrived for check-in at 7:30 am and met our team, composed entirely of readers of PITB. We had never met in-person before, let alone played or practised hockey together. And yet, like an inspirational sports movie, our ragtag group of misfits overcame the odds (but not The Odds, who were not in our division) and the inclement weather, finishing the day with a stunning 4-1 record, outscoring our opponents 53-16.

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I Didn’t Watch This Game: Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers, October 13, 2012

The start of the NHL season is a magical time: hope springs eternal, as even the worst teams in the NHL can put together a couple early victories and leave their fans convinced that this is the year the turn-around begins. Speaking of the worst teams in the NHL, the Canucks were scheduled to play the Oilers on Saturday night.

It was also set to be the first Hockey Night in Canada of the year, with eager fans tuning in to see Don Cherry not mention the Canucks at all. It would also be the first Don Cherry suit of the season and, perhaps more importantly, the first Kevin Weekes suit of the season. I suspect it would have been baby blue, with a smidge of dark brown.

Fans were deprived of such glorious sights by the NHL lockout. Instead of watching the Canucks take on the Oilers, I played road hockey for hours in the pouring rain and now I have a cold. Thanks a lot, lockout. I didn’t watch this game.

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Scott Rintoul joins Team PITB for Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer

Tomorrow morning at dawn, road hockey will be taking over Concord Pacific Place. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer will be the only hockey worth watching. Also, it will be the only hockey. The event is open to the public, so come down and watch some road hockey, listen to some music, and meet some former Canucks greats like Cliff Ronning, Orland Kurtenbach, Geoff Courtnall, and Richard Brodeur.

Pass it to Bulis will be there with our team of highly-trained and talented readers. Please note: they are highly-trained and talented at reading, not at playing hockey. We make no guarantees of how good we’ll be at playing hockey.

While our team is already stacked with celebrities (Harrison and myself, obviously, as well as Dean Back, bassist for Theory of a Deadman), we had the opportunity to participate in the Celebrity Draft as a wild card entry. With the 19th selection in the first round, we selected Scott Rintoul, Team 1040 radio host and actor. You might not be familiar with his work as an actor, but his portrayal of Trainee Guard #1 in Alcatraz was sublime.

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David Booth kills the Forest Spirit, and other creatures of myth

By now, it should be perfectly clear that David Booth doesn’t care what you think. Well, he sort of does. I mean, the other day, he sullenly tweeted, “Every time I tweet I lose followers”, but when several responses explaining the phenomenon came back to him — stop tweeting photos of things you done killed, bro — he chose not to change his spots, like a leopard (and then he probably killed a leopard).

On Thursday, Booth successfully ended the life of yet another beast and saw fit to share it with his squeamish audience. That’s what you’re looking at above.

But what the heck is what you’re looking at? As Roberto Luongo tweeted in response, “Ok NOW you are just making up animals no?” Is that a goat of some kind? A four-legged Appalachian Fearsquatch, as Justin Bourne suggested? The Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke?

The species of the dead thing above may be unclear, but one thing does seem clear: with so much time on his hands, David Booth has grown weary of hunting things that exist and crossed over in the realms of lore. “There’s only one trophy in the world harder to get than this… And I’m getting that next,” said Booth, ominously. Lock up your fictional characters, people, because David Booth will be trying to kill them for as long as the lockout endures. What follows is a preview of what we can expect Booth to tweet in the months to come:

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I Didn’t Watch This Game: Canucks at Calgary Flames, October 11, 2012

Thursday night was supposed to be game 1 of 82 for the Vancouver Canucks, a welcome end to an offseason that, thanks to a five-game postseason, began far, far earlier than anyone expected it to. Unfortunately, thanks to the owners (represented by Gary Bettman, lockout champion), and the players (represented by Donald Fehr, the expert negotiator hired by the players to expertly not negotiate), that game was cancelled. As the two sides continue to meet without discussing the core economic issues, preferring instead to stage fiddling contests in the city square of a burning Rome, the long offseason grows ever longer.

Thus, rather than convening in Calgary to officially signal the beginning of the 2011-12 season, the Canucks and Flames stayed home — with the exceptions of a select few, such as Anton Babchuk, who is playing for Ukrainian KHL team Donbass Donetsk, Dale Weise, off to the land of the Dutch, and David Booth, who stepped into the wardrobe and has been hunting the mythical creatures of Narnia and eating Turkish delight since the moment the lockout began.

There was no season-opener because there is no season. And since there was no game to watch, I didn’t watch this game.

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Rick Rypien memorial defaced by Justin Bieber fan intelligentsia

We passed the first anniversary of Rick Rypien’s death just two months ago, on August 15. In that year, the former Canucks winger has been anything but forgotten. Despite playing only 119 games in a Canucks uniform, Rypien left an indelible impression on the city of Vancouver, one that his death has only deepened. Kevin Bieksa and the Canucks launched Mindcheck.ca, a website where visitors struggling with mental health issues like Rypien’s can get connected to support early and quickly, and that site quietly became a provincial resource back in January. Ryp’s death was hardly in vain.

But Mindcheck isn’t the only lasting tribute to Rypien. There’s also the column outside of Rogers Arena that still bears messages from the impromptu memorial Ellen Ransford and other fans put together after Rypien took his life. While many of the construction paper cards, posterboard signs, flowers and whatnot are gone, the writing on the pillar has remained untouched.

That is, until Justin Bieber came to town last night. Brace yourselves.

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Eddie Lack’s new pads are crazy and will hunt you down

While I never played ice hockey growing up, I regularly played street hockey with my friends. For some reason, I naturally gravitated towards being a goaltender, which was absurd given my small stature. But I had good reflexes, agility, and flexibility, so I stuck with it.

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a set of Ed Belfour street hockey goalie gear. They weren’t much more than foam with nylon wrapped around them, but I loved them. The baseball catcher-style chest protector was almost bigger than my entire body, so I didn’t wear it, leading to many bruises on my chest, but the light pads worked well with my agile, stand-up style.

Their best feature, however, was the image on the pads: half of Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour’s iconic mask was reproduced across each pad, causing them to form the entire mask when you brought the pads together. Besides being a helpful guide for knowing which pad to put on which leg, it also made the pads look exceptionally cool, which isn’t easy when it comes to cheap foam street hockey pads.

Why do I tell this story now? Because Eddie “The Stork” Lack has some new pads with a very similar design.

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Dale Weise is first Canuck heading to Europe, according to his Facebook page

According to a report from Jon Keen, long-time WHL play-by-play man, Dale Weise is the first Canucks heading overseas during the lockout. He’s not heading to any of the usual suspects, like Russia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, or Switzerland. Instead, he’s heading to the Netherlands to play for the Tilburg Trappers of the Eredivisie.

Weise wouldn’t be the first NHL player to commit to the Dutch league during the lockout, but he would be the first to actually play. The Trappers previously signed Pittsburgh Penguins forward Dustin Jeffrey, only to see him bail on his commitment and head to Austria to play for Medvescak Zagreb. The Trappers manager indicated that the club would be looking for a replacement for Jeffrey and appear to have found that replacement in Weise.

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Guest post: ranking Canucks jerseys from worst to first

John Van Der Woude is a B.C.-based graphic designer whose work is familiar to you, whether you know it or not. He’s the architect of the much-needed Pass it to Bulis site redesign that occurred midway through last year. (Do you remember what this place used to look like? We’ve blocked it out.)

John is also the man behind the excellent hockey blog, Hockey By Design, which breaks down the aesthetic appeal of hockey equipment and apparel from a designer’s perspective. He’s kindly agreed to bring his discerning eye to Pass it to Bulis today in order to give us his opinions on the Canucks’ vast jersey history (and finally tell us what font the Canucks’ current jersey employs! Yay!).

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Kevin Bieksa does the weather on Global Morning News; breaking: he’s bad at it (VIDEO)

Clearly, picking up a parking ticket hasn’t discouraged Kevin Bieksa from visiting to UBC. Last week, it was announced that he and his Buddies — a team that includes Jannik Hansen, Cory Schneider, Willie Mitchell and some other special guests — would be playing a charity game versus the UBC Thunderbirds on October 17th. Tickets went on sale Saturday morning, and because this market is absolutely starved for Canucks hockey, and because it’s only a 5000-seat stadium, they were sold out by Saturday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Bieksa appeared on Global’s Morning News to discuss the already sold-out event, the lockout and, in a surprise turn, do the weather. This might not come as much of a surprise to you, but Bieksa is a lot better at starting the breakout than he is at forecasting the week.

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Not even Michael Buble can save the ugliest knockoff Canucks poncho in existence

You’re looking at a close-up shot of the worst knockoff Canucks poncho I’ve ever seen.

I encountered it this summer in Mexico at a shop in Playa Del Carmen. A lot of the merchants along the strip were hocking NHL knockoff gear, likely because of the surfeit of Canadians that vacation in the area, but this particular article jumped out at me, as did the merchant’s sale pitch. He tried draw me in by insisting that the poncho was official, licensed gear, and then misread my raised eyebrow as full-blown suckerdom and asked $150 for it. Of course, I know full well that the NHL store doesn’t have a line of licensed ponchos, and I also know that official licensed Canucks gear wouldn’t have “Vancouver” written in wrap text inside of the orca.

And the colour scheme was all wrong. The merchant insisted it was up-to-date, but it looked more like something from the West Coast Express era. Of course, that jersey was navy blue, deep blue, and maroon with silver trim. The poncho was blue-black and cyan with brick red and white trim.

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Ask it to Bulis! on no European Canucks, knifing Cory Schneider, and Wonder Woman

It’s time once more for Ask it to Bulis, where two incredibly intelligent, witty, handsome, and humble bloggers answer your questions about life, the universe, and everything, but mostly the Vancouver Canucks. Side effects include enlightenment, rationality, and gangrene.

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Spitballin’ on Pavel Bure’s German hockey card, Lockout Kesler, and the return of Tanner Glass

Spitballin’ (or Super Pass It To Bulis: All In, if you love adventurous acronymizing) is a feature that allows us to touch on a multitude of things really fast, because in the world of hockey, there are always lots of things to find and colour. Here are a few quick topics.

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Canucks prospect Alexandre Grenier suffers concussion after headshot (VIDEO)

When Canucks prospect Alexandre Grenier signed with EC Red Bull Salzberg of the Austrian League back in late May, the Canucks were supportive of the 3rd round pick’s decision, citing the opportunity to play against grown men in Europe as a major benefit.

For Grenier, a late bloomer, the only way he’ll ever earn a full-time NHL job is if he learns to complement his skillset with his 6’5″, 200-pound frame. The trap a lot of larger prospects fall into is they come to view their size as an ability rather than a complementary asset — especially in leagues where their size makes them outliers. Then, when they get to the NHL where everyone’s huge (and Zdeno Chara exists so, really, no one is), they struggle. Grenier is less likely to fall into this trap in Austria where the men are bigger, albeit perhaps not as skilled.

But playing against grown men also has its drawbacks. They hit harder, for instance, a lesson Grenier learned the hard way last Friday.

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Bieksa’s Buddies to play charity hockey game

As we have previously pointed out, one of the true tragedies of the NHL lockout is that it prevents players from participating in charitable endeavours through their teams. This is especially tough on charities that rely on the Canucks’ fundraising efforts for a large chunk of the donations they receive. Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, the Canucks Family Education Centre, and the Canucks Autism Network depend on the charitable efforts of the Canucks to provide their services to the community. In many ways, these are the people the lockout hurts the most.

This is why Kevin Bieksa has stepped into the void. Just because the Canucks players are locked out and prevented from doing charity work through the team doesn’t mean they can’t organize it themselves.

Bieksa, along with Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Dan Hamhuis, Manny Malhotra, Max Lapierre, Cory Schneider, and Willie Mitchell will be playing a charity hockey game against the UBC Thunderbirds on October 17th, with net proceeds to benefit the three charities above.

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I Find This Photo Odd: Kevin Bieksa is a crooner

While searching through the Canucks.com archives for poorly-dressed Canucks, I happened across a great photo of Kevin Bieksa appearing to entertain Ryan Kesler and Chris Higgins with some impromptu acapella, using his stick as a microphone. I chuckled to myself and moved on.

But then I found another one, this time using a wireless handheld water bottle.

It turns out that Bieksa simply loves to sing. We should have known: he famously burst out into song during an interview with Scott Oake and he loves playing to a crowd. Now, in the spirit of the many axes of Cory Schneider, PITB takes a look at Kevin Bieksa’s lockout plans, where he’s taking a chance on a new career as a singer.

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Nolan Baumgartner a Canucks prospect again thanks to new coaching opportunity

The NHL may be locked out, but beginning in just under two weeks, the AHL regular season will begin, so fans will at least get a chance to follow the growth of intriguing Canuck prospects like Chris Tanev, Zack Kassian, and Nolan Baumgartner.

Admittedly, one of those things is not like the other. Unlike Tanev and Kassian, who are just getting their NHL careers underway, Baumgartner’s time as a player just ended. The defenceman retired this summer to go behind the bench as an assistant coach with the Chicago Wolves. But make no mistake: for the first time in a decade, he too is a prospect in Vancouver’s system.

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Alex Burrows, fashion icon and six Canucks fashion disasters

Alex Burrows is apparently a fashion icon. Canadian clothing store RW&Co. targeted the French-Canadian fashion maverick to headline their “Perform At Your Best” campaign, along with So You Think You Can Dance Canada champion Nico Archambault and entrepreneur Jeremy Gutsche.

Burrows reveals the secrets of his imitable style, describing it as “trendy but comfortable” and that he doesn’t “like to wear things that make a statement.”

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