This Halloween, dress your twin boys as the Sedins (PHOTO)

No, this isn’t a photo of a young Daniel and Henrik Sedin. (Although would it surprise anyone if they had full, bright orange beards, even as toddlers? I always sort of assumed they did.) You’re looking at a picture of twin boys Asher and Nolan, who will be going out this Halloween as the Wizards of the Coast themselves.

According to the boys’ mother, Tracey, who passed this photo on to us, the twins were born prematurely, at just 26 weeks. “They spent five months in the hospital and now both have cerebral palsy from being born so early,” Tracey says. “But they’re doing awesome and they love the Canucks, as do we.”

Daniel and Henrik are perfect Halloween costumes. The Sedins are inherently creepy, so you’ve got the scare factor going for you. Plus, it’s not a difficult getup to put together. Once you’ve procured a set of twins (through procreation, adoption, or theft — although we can only endorse the first two), the next thing you’ll need is a set of corresponding jerseys.

Fortunately for Asher and Nolan, they were given Canuck sweaters last year by their aunt, and Tracey personalized them with names and letters in short order. Nolan is Daniel and, because he’s slightly older and better at faceoffs, Asher is Henrik.

Once you’ve got the jerseys, if the kids aren’t natural gingers — Asher and Nolan are blonde — you just need to orange ‘em on up. Asher and Nolan’s parents did this with some spray-on colouring and a little facepaint.

Unfortunately, both the hair colouring and the orange and black facepaint wash right out with water, which means that Asher and Nolan’s look will be ruined if they trick or treat in tonight’s forecasted heavy rain. They’ll likely be going to an event at the firehall down the street instead.

Pro-tip for Tracey: don’t let Asher and Nolan cycle in the corner all night. As their linemate, it’s your job to keep them dialled in and ensure they head to the net.

Finally, here’s a bonus Sedin costume from Twitterer @richeyhb, who has done the same with her even younger twins, but avoided the orange-ification process because they’re still relatively hairless babies. In a nice extra flourish, they’ll be going out with Alain Vigneault, who will spend the entire night maximizing their zone starts by ringing the doorbell for them.

That said, we question this guy’s commitment to becoming the Canucks’ coach. Can his jaw handle that much gum?

If you have any more creative Canuck-inspired costumes, by all means, send them to

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  1. Lucky
    October 31, 2012

    SO CUTE!

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  2. Nee
    October 31, 2012

    Second photo, baby on the right: looks like someone just told Henrik that he’s not allowed to pass anymore. Or he pooped himself.

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  3. madwag
    October 31, 2012

    Halloween Rhapsody

    Summer’s gone and Fall is here
    The hillside is a rich brocade
    Enjoy forthwith for Winter’s near
    As even now the colors fade

    Let us fill up what time we’ve left
    And do enjoy this Autumn scene
    But not of hope be we bereft
    For leaves again will once be green

    In all of this a message clear
    That beauty’s but a passing thing
    Though we’re both getting older dear
    We’ll surely see another Spring

    But let not be a day mislaid
    The hillside is a rich brocade

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  4. Fruzenius
    November 1, 2012

    Subtle but well placed reference to Wizards of the Coast

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